Candace Crowe Design has been providing cutting-edge products and solutions to the aesthetic industry for over 15 years.
Our keen attention to the needs of both doctors and patients has enabled us to stay at the forefront of an ever-changing industry.
Our innovative solutions enable providers to grow their practices by attracting, engaging, and educating their patients.
We offer several products for aesthetic practices, industry equipment manufacturers, med-spas and more.
CCD simplifies your marketing so you can put your patients first.

– Some of CCD’s core products –

Plastic Surgeon Mark Jewell

The Industry Pioneer

“Candace Crowe is one of the most creative individuals that I have met. She has a unique talent for seeing things and putting them into a great message for your practice. We used her services to produce videos on a Facebook media campaign that generated many leads for my practice and spa. Through her products, Candace Crowe helps us educate patients and market our practice.”

– Mark Jewell, MD
Eugene, OR


nassif-circleThe Tech-Savvy Surgeon

“If a practice can increase their booking percentage by even just 5%, it makes a huge difference in profitability.
I chose REVENEZ because of the way my before and after photos and the educational videos look when displayed on the iPad, my website, and my Facebook page. Increased patient understanding is a benefit that promotes much-appreciated better ratings. The program is very polished, and doctors need to know about it.”

– Paul Nassif, MD, FACS
Beverly Hills, CA

zupko-circleThe SEO Champ

“If your objective is to have classy, eye-catching marketing materials presented beautifully onscreen and in print, you should call Candace Crowe immediately. She understands the specialty, the procedures, the business side and most importantly, the market.”

– Karen Zupko, Practice Consultant
to Plastic Surgeons


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