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Just recently lights went on…

Wednesday, January 19th, 2011

“I am so excited, I want to make all our materials coordinate and look like the quality my husband’s years of education and experience deserve.”

This week Linda received a call from a client who has known us for a very long time. Over the course of our relationship, they have been slow to respond when trying to complete their work. Just recently lights went on when the wife needed to take over as patient coordinator / office manager.

Here’s how the story goes… “I was giving a consultation and toward the end when we started talking about scheduling, the consult proudly states that she was shopping around. So I handed her the Office Depot folder with all sorts of brochures and papers for her to take home to show her husband to sit at the kitchen table with the other consultation packets she had received from shopping other physicians. That’s when my gut hurt. This packet represented all the hard years of work my husband has put into his skill and experience, and she was taking it home to compare to the other packets from her shopping. I felt horrible. Right then I understood how important a complete beautiful personal brand is and committed to doing it right.”

I’m so very glad when a client really understands the importance of all the messages a consult is hearing. Each touch point makes an impression good or bad. Here’s my Wednesday afternoon question to ponder… are each of your touch points working for you, or are they working against you?

Wishing you aesthetic beauty in all you do!


Your Brand Reflects the Perceived Quality…

Thursday, June 17th, 2010

Your Brand Reflects the Perceived Quality of Your Surgery

Being a plastic surgeon makes the appearance of your marketing materials especially important to your success. Good design contributes to higher levels of patient trust. When people see something that is designed well, there is an emotional trigger that affects how they think, feel, and behave. They correlate good design to quality. A thoughtful brand/image helps people know what to expect from you, just as they do when they see the Starbucks coffee cup.

Statistics show that people get meaning from about 7% of what you say, 55% from your body language, and 38% from the tonality of your voice. Since you can’t use body language and voice tonality in a website or printed materials, how can you convey your message on the Internet? We know that the typical patient wants to feel listened to, understood, and appreciated. The best way to convey this is through a quality brand appearance.

Wishing you marketing with great design,

Candace Crowe
President, Creative Director

Candace Crowe Design
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Appearance Counts for Your Practice, Too

Sunday, February 14th, 2010

Be purposeful about the image you project.

Plastic surgeons know, perhaps better than anyone, that image matters. People care about their own looks, and they care about the appearance of what they buy. Appearance counts not only to your patients but for your practice as well. (Just ask companies like Apple or Nike).

Change is difficult to many people. Making the jump to a new doctor or the decision to have a plastic surgery procedure can be stressful. One way to help prospective patients to feel more confident is by projecting a purposeful image, also known as a brand. A brand helps consumers to know exactly what they’ll get for the time and money they spend. Take Starbucks coffee for example. When you purchase a cup of coffee from Starbucks, do you know precisely what you can expect? Of course you do, because the Starbucks brand cares about their appearance – they add personalization, great graphics, and a well thought out experience to every cup of coffee. You see, a good brand adds trust, an emotional connection, and increases confidence in knowing what you’ll get.

Wishing you a week full of profitable work, joy, and laughter,
Candace Crowe
President, Creative Director

Candace Crowe Design
Educating Patients. Marketing You.
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Have a professional design your logo…

Monday, February 1st, 2010

Have a professional design your logo and help you choose a color palette that can be carried through to your other marketing materials.

Does my marketing have personality?

Tuesday, January 19th, 2010

MARKETING TIP- Does my marketing have personality? Your marketing should “pull” people towards you not shout at them, “This is what we do!”

Wishing you marketing success,

Candace Crowe
President, Creative Director

Candace Crowe Design
Educating Patients. Marketing You.
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This is the last of my four part series…

Monday, August 31st, 2009

This is the last of my four part series titled “SPONTANEOUS EFFORTS DON’T PRODUCE CONSISTENT RESULTS”.


Marketing is fundamentally a conversation between your patients/potential patients and your practice. All marketing, whether it is internal or external, needs to have the heart of great customer service and guide, educate, and encourage your patients. External marketing tells your target audience you have a service that can help them reach their goals. Internal marketing’s goal is to create and retain loyal patients who will recommend you.

Your website is a great example of external marketing. At its basic level, it can help new patients find you – but it can be much more than that. A great, patient-focused website will project an image that inspires confidence in your services.

Loyalty programs, keeping in touch with consults and patients through email, personal notes, phone calls, seminars, great patient education, a video loop that features all of your services for your waiting area, are all great examples of internal marketing. Internal marketing generally costs less and produces a higher return.

Focus on creating an integrated strategy, using both internal and external marketing to promote your practice to patients and prospects. Keep the conversation going and you will be rewarded with long-term, mutually satisfying relationships with the types of patients you want to serve.

Thank you for reading my four part series titled “SPONTANEOUS EFFORTS DON’T PRODUCE CONSISTENT RESULTS”.

Candace Crowe, President, Creative Director

Candace Crowe Design
Educating Patients. Marketing You.

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Wednesday, April 8th, 2009

History shows that now is not the time to scrimp on your marketing budget. In studies conducted after the recession of the early 80’s, companies that stayed the course with advertising during tough times won market share. Those that marketed aggressively during the recession managed to increase both sales and profits. Sales of recession advertisers rose by 256% over those that didn’t keep up their advertising.

The value of advertising, and especially of building your brand, is that you increase consumer confidence. Your prospects will notice that you are standing strong in the face of a weak economy. Capture the attention of your marketing audience now and you are sure to reap the rewards for years to come.

I’d love to hear your thoughts,


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Product + Personality = Brand

Monday, March 23rd, 2009

What do people see in their minds’ eye when they think of your practice? No one has direct control over how people think about you, but how you present yourself to others influences how they perceive you. I’m sure you’ve heard the saying “you never get a second chance to make a first impression”. Prospective patients judge you based on all of their contacts with you, what they see on your website, how the person who answered the phone took care of them, what you look like, how you dress, how comfortable they feel in your office, and so on and so on.

With an ever-growing number of plastic surgeons, it is increasingly important to have a marketing strategy that helps to define who you are. A strong brand identity helps them to know that.

Building a brand identity is a profitable and obtainable goal. We have the expertise and tools to set your practice as a leader in the plastic surgery industry by defining a brand for yourself, your staff, and your potential patients.

I hope to hear from you soon,