Our Story

“Getting personal has been taboo in the business world. But we believe in helping people. Hopefully, this story will help someone else to recognize that they can do more than they ever thought they could.”

From my living room, to our office suite

The Candace Crowe Design (CCD) story starts in my living room. As a single mom with four sons aged 3-13, I had a burning desire to raise and provide for them. I was a freelance graphic designer with a handful of clients when I obtained my first plastic surgeon Client – Winter Park Plastic Surgery. I had an immediate connection to the industry. Beauty, art, and smart people helping people feel better about themselves.

My mom is a portrait artist; growing up she was always quick to point out shades of color, perspective, texture, composition and so on. Naturally, my degree is in studio art.

CCD grew to three of us in that tiny living room with four boys and their friends running around after school. So, luckily mother nature “pushed” me forward. It was the year of the three back-to-back hurricanes here in Central Florida that caused part of my roof to be compromised. That’s when we moved over here to a beautiful office suite. With space to grow, we did just that. Today, with a Client list with industry wide recognition, step-by-step, we continue to grow, learn, and especially make new friendships.

Let me encourage you today. And if you’d like to speak further, feel free to call me.

Mention you read “Our Story” and you’ll get right through to me. 877-384-7676.

ccd-home-officeCandace’s home office in the 90’s and the beginnings of Candace Crowe Design. Eagle-eyed viewers may be able to see our old “red logo” on the monitors.