Before & After Gallery Quiz

Is your BEFORE & AFTER GALLERY up to industry standards?

What separates the good from the bad? Eight specific criteria determine the type of success you are likely to have. 
Take the quiz and find out.

Are your site and gallery responsive?
Yes. Plus 11 points.
No. You are missing out on the mobile audience. Today, more than 50% of users are on mobile devices.

Can you upload new images yourself?
Yes. Plus 11 points.
No. You should be in control. You should be able to upload new images as soon as they are created.

Does each case have its own unique URL?
Yes. Plus 11 points.
No. You are missing out on increased visibility and savings on SEO.

Can it generate an email lead to your inbox?
Yes. Plus 11 points.
No. Uh-oh. The best galleries make it easy for patients to announce their interest and opt-in to your marketing.

Does your gallery contain case information, like technique, patient height and weight?
Yes. Plus 11 points.
No. You’re missing out on SEO opportunities and you’re denying your potential patients the information they crave.

Can your gallery move with you should you change web providers?
Yes. Plus 11 points.
No. If your gallery data is maintained by your web company, switching vendors can be a headache. A gallery maintained by a third party should mean you and your data can move easily.

Can one upload populate multiple galleries?
Yes. Plus 12 points.
No. Many practices utilize multiple marketing channels, why should you have to repeat your work when it is possible to upload just once and have your gallery smartly display the cases through multiple channels.

Can your gallery be a stand-alone gallery to present on an iPad or tablet?
Yes. Plus 11 points.
No. If you are bringing out binders to show your work, you are showing your marketing is out of date.

Does your gallery protect your property with watermarks?
Yes. Plus 11 points.
No. The lazy and unscrupulous will steal your before and after images if given the chance. A simple watermark discourages theft and fraud. A good gallery will add one to each image automatically.

How did you score?

100 to 88 – GREAT SHAPE!
87 to 75 – room for improvement
74 to 62 – you’ll be OK for another year… maybe
61 to 0 – get a new gallery.