1. Building your brand requires frequency and consistency.
2. Advertising calls attention to need and brings people to action.
3. A well designed and implemented brand increases trust and credibility.
4. Marketing brings your services to the market when they aren’t coming to you.
5. Advertising is a long-term investment in your continued success.

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Candace Crowe, President
Candace Crowe Design
Educating Patients. Marketing You.

About Candace Crowe

As CEO and Founder of Candace Crowe Design, Candace truly enjoys listening to plastic surgeons’ marketing needs , and then conceptualizing and producing spectacular results that are second to none. The key to the continued success of her firm is that Candace and her staff provide personalized service to each customer. As a recognized expert in marketing aesthetic practices, Candace is a regular speaker at many national and international aesthetic industry meetings.

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