The Mobile Site Features Plastic Surgeons Need

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The Mobile Site Features Plastic Surgeons Need

Must have features of a mobile site

Having a site that loads too slowly can cost you half your visitors. Not having a mobile also creates a bad impression in the minds of smartphone visitors. A mobile site is not just something you need to keep current, it’s a tool that can help your practice. You can generate leads from mobile visitors, but you will need a mobile site that has these key features:
• finger-friendly user interface
• simple navigation
• click-to-call
• review funneling.

Rule of Thumb

On mobile devices, thumbs rule. The user interface (UI) must work with human digits, not only in terms of size, but layout. As the iPhone 5 commercial makes clear, the thumb has a pretty decent range of motion, but spreading out navigation is not advised. Yes, many visitors will use an index finger to navigate, but if you think in terms of thumbs you’ll develop a great UI.

KNSS: Keep Navigation Simple, Surgeon

The navigation should be clear, easy and fast. That means simple. Minimize the need for scrolling, have clear “back” and “home” buttons and establish an easy to understand hierarchy in menus. Two to three taps to any point in the site: that’s the goal.

A smartphone is still a phone

One of the many reasons a patient may be looking up your page on a smartphone is for contact information. Make it even easier with a tap-to-call button. Or tap-to-text. And while you are at, include a button to call up the map of your practice. Other communication channels that may deserve a place on your home screen include an email link and social media pages.

Mobile Marketing Tip: If you use tap-to-text or tap-to-email, you can auto-populate the messages to help steer the conversation and make data collection easier. Example, if you have a contact button on a skin care page, you can set the subject line to “Tell me more about Skin Care Products”. Not only can you sort emails quickly, it helps focus the patient’s own inquiry.

Funnel to your favorite review site

Have great ratings on RealSelf? Google, Yelp, Vitals, Locate-a-doc, Healthgrades? There are many, many review sites. Why not direct your potential and past patients to the review sites you want them to visit. Not only can you provide a link to the site of your choice, you can also ask patients who submit reviews to submit that review to your preferred choice. A simple qualification page can help steer potential negative responses to your patient coordinator so they can be addressed immediately with customer service, or funnel them to your RateMDs page where they can leave their glowing review.

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