Welcome to your 2020 Marketing Calendar!

Welcome to your 2020 Marketing Tips Calendar!

New for 2020 is our monthly marketing tips email and calendar. Each month we will be sending our marketing tips calendar and worksheet. Download the pdf, print it and call me if you’d like help with ideas.

What was your biggest marketing success of 2019? Do more of these in 2020.
What was least successful?
What are you looking forward to in 2020?

Tip 1:
Is there a natural pattern to your procedures such as spring, school breaks or holidays? Make a list of these procedures and treatments. You will want to plan your calendar accordingly.

Tip 2:
Isolated efforts rarely work. Strive for regular valuable connection with your patient base.

Tip 3:
Brainstorm topics that patients would be interested in and that you may want to blog, make social posts or email campaigns about. Choose 12 topics to write about for the year. Use them for your email campaigns and as a blog.

Here’s some ideas to get you started:

  • Let’s talk about some of the many paths to the body shape you want…
  • The aug / lift combo, about xx% of patients
  • 5 Common myths about injectables or any other surgery
  • Staff and patient appreciation month or week
  • Exercise, fitness, nutrition, confidence and plastic surgery

Our January Marketing Plan

Emails and blogs: list topics, specials and put your send date(s) on your calendar.
Social posts: list topics and posting dates.
Check out Advantage Play digital signage for your internal promotions.

Candace and Team

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