Your September 2020 Marketing Tips Calendar

I love this quote from Bolde “If you want to get chased, you have to stop chasing.” I’d LOVE to hear from you, drop me a line and let me know how you are doing.

You are beautiful to me,

Candace & Team

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Tip 1: Learn to control your thinking
Tip 2: Don’t get stuck in the mud.
Tip 3: Look in the mirror

Tip 1: Be brave
Tip 2: Be true
Tip 3: Do a mid-year evaluation

Tip 1: Evaluate your marketing based on emotion and connection
Tip 2: Pre-purchase, Pre-order, Pre-pay
Tip 3: Align your marketing message with your values

Tip 1: Write out your “perfect patient experience”
Tip 2: Write a list of things you can do to make that happen
Tip 3: Implement

Tip 1: Update your website
Tip 2: Work on your before & after gallery
Tip 3: Reach out and ask for reviews

Tip 1: Take time to get to know your marketing vendor
Tip 2: When they provide quality timely service; give them referrals
Tip 3: Don’t “jump ship” too quickly

Tip 1: Kindness isn’t necessarily marketing but it sure is effective
Tip 2: Be thoughtful about your doctor’s photo
Tip 3: Spending most of your marketing efforts on your top 3 surgical and non-surgical procedures

Tip 1: Plan your 2020 marketing calendar
Tip 2: Strive for regular valuable connection with your patient base
Tip 3: Choose 12 topics to write about for the year for your email campaigns and blogs

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