BRAG book takes the pain out of managing your gallery and gives you control. BRAG book is a digital before and after gallery built to “drop in” any Word Press website in an instant!

  • Powerful search optimization features, each patient set is a “new page” with unique URL so the search engines can crawl each page
  • You’re in control, upload your own B & A’s
  • Moves with you if you change web providers
  • Available as a WordPress plug-in and stand-alone tablet app
  • The MyFavorites tool delivers leads to your inbox when viewers save before and after photos from your gallery to their favorites.

To view a website gallery go to To view the tablet app on an iPad or similar go to

“It is a huge timesaver.

It takes me a third of the time to upload and optimize my before and after photos.”

– Justine Nightingale, Marketing, Plastic Surgery Center of Wichita
Client since 2010

“It is an important and useful tool.

BRAG book is very useful in showing patients photos. I upload to the galleries almost everyday.”

– Cheyenne Tidwell, Marketing / Web Gallery Management, Sarasota Plastic Surgery Center
Client since 2014