BRAG book takes the pain out of managing your gallery and gives you control. BRAG book is a digital before and after gallery built to “drop in” any Word Press website in an instant!

  • Powerful search optimization features, each patient set is a “new page” with unique URL so the search engines can crawl each page
  • You’re in control, upload your own B & A’s
  • Moves with you if you change web providers
  • Available as a WordPress plug-in and stand-alone tablet app
  • The MyFavorites tool delivers leads to your inbox when viewers save before and after photos from your gallery to their favorites.

To view a website gallery go to To view the tablet app on an iPad or similar go to

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“It is a huge timesaver.

It takes me a third of the time to upload and optimize my before and after photos.”

– Justine Nightingale, Marketing, Plastic Surgery Center of Wichita
Client since 2010

“It is an important and useful tool.

BRAG book is very useful in showing patients photos. I upload to the galleries almost everyday.”

– Cheyenne Tidwell, Marketing / Web Gallery Management, Sarasota Plastic Surgery Center
Client since 2014

“I have been using the BRAG book on my website for some time now and I find it to be user friendly, quick to upload and edit and it incorporates lots of information for cataloguing the photos. The program has some fun features to use that actually makes it fun to use!”

– Andres Gantous, MD, Toronto Facial Plastic Surgery