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Key features:

Unique URL per set
Can use as an app on a tablet
Lead generation tool – My Favorites
Responsive design
WordPress plug-in
Watermark tool
Tap-to-enlarge photo
Fast, easy bulk upload

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Digital Before & After Gallery: BRAG book

Available as a WordPress Plug-in and Stand-alone Tablet App

Puts you in control. Fully responsive and branded for your practice, it’s the most robust self-managed, digital before & after gallery in the industry.

SEO value. Each patient set is a “new page” so the search engines can crawl each one giving you SEO benefits. The before and after gallery is the number one most-visited section of every website we have seen.

Moves with you. Transferring galleries as we all know can be incredibly time consuming and occasionally impossible. As a third-party gallery, it gives you freedom to change your web vendor easily. Your BRAG book moves with you.

Leads to your inbox. The MyFavorites tool delivers leads to your inbox when viewers save before and after photos from your gallery to their favorites.

Samples: To view a website gallery go to To view the tablet app on an iPad or similar go  to

Brag Book on a Website, used for SEO and lead generation
Brag Book on a website

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I tell if my gallery has unique URL's for each set of B & A's?

In your browser, the address of your site is located in the navigation bar. Your site’s address is a URL. When clicking through your before & afters, if your URL never changes, your before & after sets do not have unique URLs.

How big a photo do I need? Why do I need a larger photo?

Our gallery is responsive, so images can display quite large. A good standard to shoot for would be 1000px for the shortest side of the image. As an example, a 4 X 6 is a conventional sized print – you’d want the “4” side to be 1000 pixels. We recommend that the image be no smaller than 450 pixels on the longest side. The other reason we want you to use large images is because the iPad is double the resolution when compared to a normal monitor. For an image to look sharp, it needs to be twice as big as well.

Will my photos from my current site transfer over?

Most likely not – images are often too small. Even if your images are large, the image will have to be uploaded into our system. (Unless we host your site.)

How do I know if my site is responsive?

If you change the width of your browser window and the layout of your site changes, you have a responsive website.

How do I know if my gallery will move with me if I change hosting providers?

If your gallery is managed by a third-party, it’s independent nature means it should move with you, like ours does. If your gallery was designed and maintained by your web company, then it will not, though you may be be able to extract good images to upload into your new gallery.

What is a lightbox and why don't I want one?

A lightbox, or colorbox, is a pop-up window that appears within the current web page. It is not a new browser window or tab. Lightboxes are most often used to deliver content like images and video when embedding or direct placement is not available.

Why is there an ongoing fee for the BRAG book?

Your ongoing subscription to BRAG book allows us to devote resources to continual development and improvement of your BRAG book gallery. Your ongoing subscription also pays for the storage of your images on our servers. This is a benefit to you because if you switch hosting companies, your gallery stays yours and will move with you to your new website.

I'm SO busy, I know I need to focus on this but I just end up without enough time. What tips can you give me?

Delegate. Or re-prioritize and focus on what your potential patients want to see: Before & After photos.

I have a hard time getting consents signed. Do you have any suggestions?

Make sure the person asking for consents is the person the patient trusts the most, like the surgeon. Don’t rush it and remember to remind them how much help looking at before and after photos was to them when they were trying to make the decision to have surgery or not.

  • duplechain-circle

    We have looked at advertising costs and what works. I think right now internet seems to be the best, along with internal marketing with the video loop Candace Crowe created for me. The internal marketing helps spark interest... The first patient I showed it to scheduled surgery, and that more than covered the costs.

    J. Kevin Duplechain, MD, FACSLafayette, LA
  • Plastic Surgeon Mark Jewell

    Candace Crowe is one of the most creative individuals that I have ever met. She has a unique talent for seeing things and putting them into a great message for your practice. Through her products, Candace Crowe helps us educate patients and market our practice.

    Mark L. Jewell, MDEugene, OR
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    REVENEZ is the best patient education device that I have seen. Our patients love it and find it extremely helpful and informative.

    Peter D. Geldner, MDChicago, IL
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    If your objective is to have classy, eye-catching marketing materials presented beautifully onscreen and in print, you should call Candace Crowe immediately. She understands the specialty, the procedures, the business side and most importantly, the market.

    Karen ZupkoPractice Consultant to Plastic Surgeons
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    I have been using Candace Crowe Design’s videos for over 10 years. My patients like them. If you do not currently offer video on your website, The Educator videos will significantly enhance your patients’ online experience.

    Watch Dr. Mele’s Video Testimonial

    Joseph A. Mele, MD, FACSWalnut Creek, CA
  • Dr. Peter Adamson, Social Media testimonial

    For over a year I have been working with Candace Crowe Design. I can say without a doubt their honesty and desire for the client’s best interests really sets them apart. With their help we’ve had a more positive presence in social media. I encourage you to speak with Candace and see how she might be able to help you as much as she has helped me.

    Watch Dr. Adamson’s Video Testimonial

    Peter A. Adamson, MD, FRCSC, FACSToronto, ON, Canada