Digital Before & After Gallery: BRAG book

Available as a WordPress Plug-in and Stand-alone Tablet App

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Puts you in control.

Fully responsive and branded for your practice, it’s the most robust self-managed, digital before & after gallery in the industry.

SEO value.

Each patient set is a “new page” with unique URL so the search engines can crawl each one giving you SEO benefits. The before and after gallery is the number one most-visited section of every website we have seen.

Leads to your inbox.

The MyFavorites tool delivers leads to your inbox when viewers save before and after photos from your gallery to their favorites.

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Brag Book on a Website, used for SEO and lead generation

Moves with you.

Transferring galleries as we all know can be incredibly time consuming and occasionally impossible. As a third-party gallery, it gives you freedom to change your web vendor easily. Your BRAG book moves with you.


Brag book comes packed with many user-friendly features such as tap-to-enlarge photo, easy bulk upload and watermark tool.

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To view a website gallery go to To view the tablet app on an iPad or similar go to

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