Mark Jewell, M.D.
Eugene, OR

“Candace Crowe is one of the most creative individuals that I have met. She has a unique talent for seeing things and putting them into a great message for your practice.”


Peter D. Geldner, M.D.
Chicago, IL

“REVENEZ is the best patient education device that I have seen. Our patients love it and find it extremely helpful and informative.”


Alexander P. Moya, M.D.
Lewisburg, PA

“CCD provided my marketing roadmap. I couldn’t be happier.”


Joseph A. Mele, M.D., F.A.C.S.
Walnut Creek, CA

“I have been using Candace Crowe Design’s videos for over 10 years. My patients like them. If you do not currently offer video on your website, The Educator videos will significantly enhance your patients’ online experience.”


J. Kevin Duplechain, M.D., F.A.C.S.
Lafayette, LA

“We have looked at advertising costs and what works. I think right now internet seems to be the best, along with internal marketing with the video loop Candace Crowe created for me. The internal marketing helps spark interest… The first patient I showed it to scheduled surgery, and that more than covered the costs.”


Karen Zupko
Practice Consultant to Plastic Surgeons

“If your objective is to have classy, eye-catching marketing materials presented beautifully onscreen and in print, you should call Candace Crowe immediately. She understands the specialty, the procedures, the business side and most importantly, the market.”

Mark A. Pinsky, MD,
Palm Beach Gardens, FL

“It’s so professionally done, it’s probably the most professionally done in-office video distribution platform I have ever seen–something we’ve been looking for for years and years and years. You can’t afford not to have it in your practice.”


Paul S. Nassif, M.D., F.A.C.S.
Beverly Hills, CA

“If a practice can increase their booking percentage by even just 5%, it makes a huge difference in profitability. I chose REVENEZ® 1 because of the way my before and after photos and the educational videos look when displayed on the iPad, my website, and my Facebook page. Increased patient understanding is a benefit that promotes much-appreciated better ratings. The program is very polished, and doctors need to know about it.”

Linda Masterson Glaeser, Practice Administrator

“Quite frankly it’s a business jewel. It’s going to build revenue. People are going to see all kinds of services that they didn’t come here for that they didn’t know were available.”