A story to be told…

The Candace Crowe Design story starts in my living room. As a single mom with four sons aged 3-13, I had a burning desire to raise and provide for them. I obtained my first plastic surgeon client, Winter Park Plastic Surgery, and immediately I felt a connection to the industry – beauty, art, and smart people.

If you met me in those early years, you likely met my sons because they would travel and help set up at the meetings. They also reviewed videos, recorded audio, stuffed envelopes for direct mail, and helped mom in any way they could. We are delightfully thankful to this industry as we “found our niche” in the world and an industry where we could survive and thrive as a family of five.

Candace’s backstory…

My mom is a portrait artist; growing up she was always quick to point out shades of color, perspective, texture, composition and so on. I grew up in a family-owned business, my father owned a manufacturing company. I understood the philosophy of making a quality product affordable and beautiful. So, when we innovate, that’s what we strive for.

The first touchscreen consultation aid – the REVENEZ story…
It was 1999 when I met Debbie Boyd, wife and practice manager for Dr. Barry Boyd. Debbie and I would sit for hours going through their database using Inform Solutions to figure out how to increase referrals and conversion rates of potential patients.

And I watched my first consultation video and felt a disconnect. Instead of a man in a white lab coat, I wanted to create an experience of having a “woman to woman” conversation. And touchscreens and take home CD lead the way for REVENEZ to take off!

Debbie set up my meeting with Karen Zupko. I walk in with the rather large iMac and set it on the table in front of her. Within minutes she said, “this is exactly what plastic surgeons need” and we signed up for our first meeting, SESPRS.

Thank you to our REVENEZ® Founders Club.

We celebrate our early adopters that took a chance and did business with us in our first couple of years in the industry.

Barry J. Boyd, MD & Debbie Boyd, Karen Zupko, Scott Trimas, MD, Bruce Mast, MD, Ponte Vedra Plastic Surgery, James Newman, MD, John Obi, MD, Ronald Caniglia, MD, Jeffery DeWeese, MD, Darshan Shah, MD, Mark Pinsky, MD, Peter Geldner, MD, Stephen Weiland, MD, Thomas Fiala, MD, Stephen Pap, MD, Jeffery Hartog, MD, Dean Johnston, MD, Dwane Lett, MD, The Miami Institute.

23 years of innovation!