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45 New Videos added to Advantage Play Dashboard

We’ve recently added new video content to the Advantage Play Dashboard. Current Advantage Play users have access to this content at no additional charge.

The new videos mirror our library of MarketME Social Videos. Stylistically, they are different than the TunedIN procedure videos, though there is some carry over in procedures between the two. We recommend picking some of both the MarketME Social and TunedIN videos in order to mix up the style of your video presentation.

We also have quite a few new ad templates in development and we’ll let users know when they’ve been uploaded.

We aim to produce about 5-10 new procedure videos a month and at least that many new Ad Templates. Have a procedure you want a video for? Email and we’ll get it on the production board.

YouTube Achieves Historic Milestone

As we’ve said before, video needs to be a part of your digital marketing strategy. The Wall Street Journal recently reported that YouTube has surpassed 1 billion hours of videos viewed per day. This represents a ten fold increase since 2012. Back in 2012, projections estimated that they would only reach 400 million hours viewed per day. Even more astonishing is the amount of videos uploaded per minute to YouTube. About 400 hours worth of video is uploaded to YouTube per minute, equaling 65 years of video per day.

YouTube was able to increase viewership hours by creating and modifying their algorithms. Through machine learning they’re able to decipher between single interest videos and actual user preferences towards videos. YouTube has teamed up with Google Brain, allowing them to better understand the content of videos, and which users are going to like them.

To say that YouTube was able to achieve such amazing results from their updated algorithms alone would be misleading. YouTube benefits from being owned by Alphabet, Inc. the parent company of Google. According to the StatCounter, Google accounts for 93% of internet searches. Google also embeds YouTube videos into search results. It also pre-installs the YouTube app on all Android devices. Android devices account for 88% of smartphones.

Still, the increase in viewing hours may not be pushing profits higher. The last time financials were reported was 2014, when YouTube revenue was around $4 billion, and people familiar with YouTube’s financials stated that they were roughly breaking even. Since YouTube is owned by Alphabet, they’re in the lucky position where they don’t need to worry about making a profit, and like most tech companies, they can focus solely on growth.

All this serves as further evidence that incorporating video should play a big part of your overall digital marketing strategy. We’ve worked with and witnessed numerous practices that are able to do it effectively. Interested in how you can? Give us a call.

10 E-mail Marketing Tips from Tim

I believe so strongly in e-mail marketing. There is no other medium that allows you to directly stay in touch with your biggest fans. When done consistently and effectively, you can truly drive sales through your e-mail campaigns. E-mail marketing also offers protection. Google may change their ranking metrics for your website, causing you to fall in rankings, but having a strong relationship with your e-mail list offsets those uncertainties. To help craft better e-mail campaigns, read the tips below.

10 Tips for More Effective E-Mail Campaigns

  1. Before you send any email campaign, ask yourself “Is this going to strengthen my relationship with my email list?” E-mail marketing is about building relationships. You need to be adding value to the reader on a regular basis, in order for the more sales geared emails to work.
  2. People hate to be sold, but they love to buy. Make your emails sound like you’re talking to a friend. Write about things you honestly believe that will make their lives better. Give people the opportunity to buy.
  3. Make interaction a priority. Interaction builds relationships. Allow for your readers to respond directly to you. Ask them to even. It will make them invested and will help you understand and better serve your readers.
  4. Share personal stories. You need to get comfortable sharing things about yourself. If your readers don’t know anything about you, they’re not going to know anything about your brand. People buy from people they like. Sharing personal stories helps people connect to you and your brand.
  5. Instead of simply asking people to “Sign up for your e-newsletter,” tell them what they’ll receive. For example, “Do you want to get health and beauty tips, learn more about our practice and doctor, and receive special email only promotions? Sign up!” This helps show people the value you’re going to add to their lives.
  6. Imagine what your ideal patient is like. Try to write directly to them. The more you can connect on a personal level, the more effective and successful your campaigns will be.
  7. Always have a goal for your emails. Whether it’s a special offer, an event invitation, or a call to action, goals are measurable. And measurement leads to success. As Karl Pearson said, “That which is measured improves. That which is measured and reported improves exponentially.”
  8. When asking people to make a purchase or sign up for an event, tell them why. For example, “We believe so strongly in helping our patients achieve their body transformation goals, we’re offering ‘xxx procedure’ for a special savings during the month of May.”
  9. Craft a great subject line. Some of the best appeal to reader’s self-interests. For example, “Ready for your best beach body yet? Here are 5 tips!” This tells the reader explicitly the benefit they will get from opening your email.
  10. Remember, there needs to be an appropriate mix of adding value vs driving sales. If you’re only sending out messages when you want to drive sales, your results won’t be great. If you’re able to consistently add value to your readers’ lives, your sales emails will be vastly more effective.

If you’d like to discuss email marketing feel free to reach out to me.



PS. If you’ve found something that works for your email campaigns, let us know in the comments.

Don’t market the procedure. Market the feeling

As we stated a year ago, video will continue to be a huge part of marketing efforts in 2017. Today, I’d like to share some of the top Holiday Advertising campaigns and some of the things your brand can take away from them. The videos were from an Ad Age Article about Christmas Campaigns in the UK.

Buster the Boxer: John Lewis is a UK Department store. The success of this ad relies on its emotional connection with the viewer. I think everyone can relate to Buster, getting left out of some activity at one point or another. Or the excitement of getting that one gift that they wanted. The key take away here is to make, not only give your videos and emotional connection, but all of your marketing.

It’s not just a gift. It’s the Possibility: Samsung did a great job of marketing what people actually do with the products they sell. I think this ties in well with the aesthetic patient. Patients don’t get aesthetic surgery so they can stare at themselves in the mirror, though I’m sure that’s one of the bonuses. Patients get procedures so they can look good at their wedding, at their high school reunion, or even to just to push their kids around the park in the stroller. Sell your patients the idea of how they’ll feel with the procedure. There is definitely an emotional component to this ad too.

English for beginners: This one wasn’t on the Ad Age list, but I thought it was good enough to include. It’s a polish commercial about a grandfather that learns English so that he can visit his granddaughter over the holidays and speak to her. It’s very touching (emotional connection) and I think everyone can relate to visiting a loved one over the holidays.

The common theme throughout these videos is that they connect the brand to the viewer emotionally. It’s like Coke selling happiness. In 2017, I really want to push you to tell your brand’s story emotionally. Tell your audience what your services well help them do in their personal lives. Don’t just sell a procedure, sell the feeling. The younger smoother smile in the mirror sells the facelift just as pulling jeans smoothly over the thighs sells Coolsculpting. The practice that understands this will get the booking. Enhance your marketing with the emotional connection.

Candace & Tim’s Cryotherapy Adventure

Candace and I recently tried Cryotherapy. We have both been lifelong athletes, and own the aches and pains associated with the lifestyle. I’m always interested in new technologies, and though cryotherapy has been around for a while, it was only a year ago or so that I heard about it. It was on a podcast from Tim Ferriss that featured Tony Robbins. Tony is a big proponent of Cryotherapy, and mentioned the pain relief and injury recovery benefits he was getting from it. I quickly mentioned it to Candace, and lo and behold a few months later there was a Groupon to try Cryotherapy, that coincided with my birthday. Done deal.

So, what is Cryotherapy? Cryotherapy is a treatment where you go into a cryogenic chamber for about three minutes. The chamber is cooled with liquid nitrogen to about -240 degrees Fahrenheit. The process pulls the blood into your internal organs, making it super-oxygenated and nutritionally rich. Once you exit the chamber, the blood rushes back to your body, reducing inflammation, giving you an energy boost and helping the body’s healing process. It also releases endorphins which help with pain relief.

I’ll be the first to admit, the thought of standing in -240 degree temperature was scary. Having been a big proponent of taking a cold shower every morning to help jump start my day, I am accustomed to cold, but -240? That’s just crazy. I was a bit apprehensive, but agreed to go with Candace. Our appointment was at Winter Park Cryotherapy, and the employee that helped was super kind and explained everything in depth. The process goes like this: you strip down to your underwear, put on slippers, gloves, and a bathrobe, enter the chamber, take the robe off and hand it over to the assistant, then the cooling starts. Once I was inside, the temperature wasn’t that bad, though I did start to shiver towards the end of the treatment. To relate it to other cold experiences: I’ve been surfing in Northern California, and even with a wetsuit on, the cold shock from the frigid Pacific Ocean, was much colder than the shock from Cryotherapy.

After the procedure, I felt great. My legs were a little cold, but I felt like I could go run a marathon. Any soreness I had was gone. Candace reported similar feelings and has already booked her next appointment!

Have you tried Cryotherapy? What was your experience like? Let us know in the comments.

Getting to know Tim

As some of you may know, I am the second son of Candace. As a child, I can remember collating brochures and burning the original REVENEZ CDs in our living room. Growing up, I learned a lot from Candace: perseverance, dedication to your craft, continual self-improvement, the importance of customer service, and many more. I started working for her full-time shortly out of college, though to be honest, I’ve been on the books of CCD since the company started.

My role at Candace Crowe Design hovers over the finance and operations. I handle the on boarding of new clients, trainings on our products, most of the customer service inquiries, email marketing, while also managing the finances and working with the team to improve our internal processes and make things more efficient. I enjoy the data generated from email marketing, and the continual improvement that data makes possible. I also enjoy talking to our customers and trying to service them as best as possible. I truly learn something new at CCD every day.

Working with Candace isn’t always easy. We definitely have our ups and downs, like any family relationship, but I truly enjoy working with Candace, and know that one day she will be gone, and the time I get to spend with her now is priceless.

My goal at CCD is to help Candace grow the company, while maintaining the innovation, customer service, and quality work we are known for and also develop my own voice. I’ve committed to writing one blog per week for the rest of 2017. I enjoy learning about fashion, art, literature, film, new technologies, business operations, finance, email marketing, SEO, Video SEO, and product design. I’ve recently developed a fascination with all things Paul Newman and Steve McQueen. Growing up close to the beach, I also love surfing and anything on the water. I’m also a big soccer fan, growing up playing into college.

I hope that you’ll take the time to get to know me, read some of my blogs, and even give me a call or shoot me an email. It truly is an exciting time at CCD, and I want to share it with you.

Facebook Experimenting with Video Ads in Streaming Services

Facebook, the internet’s number 2 ad business, is experimenting with ad targeting for streaming shows. They’re targeting ads to users of Roku and Apple TV, based on the Facebook profiles associated with the viewing profile’s IP address. So far it’s just been free test ads for nonprofits, it’s own product’s or a “handful of name brands”.

This is part of a broader shift in the Social Media industry, as other companies, including Twitter, are trying to build revenue from ads within video. Twitter signed a deal with the NFL this year to stream 10 Thursday Night Football games live. Word from Twitter is that so far the deal has been positive for the social media company with many people watching the games; though I turned to traditional cable as I got annoyed Twitter wouldn’t let me cast the game to my Chromecast…

Snap, the parent company of SnapChat, is also getting into the video game, signing a deal with NBCUnviseral to air shortened versions of TV shows directly through their app.

As video was a major part of social media in 2016, it’s clear it will continue to be in 2017, though in different ways.

Link to full article: Click Here

Candace’s Thanksgiving Adventure!


Sports have always been a part of my life. You know if you read my blogs I’m a natural risk taker, and super achiever. At 11 I begged my parents to jump the 5’ ski ramp. It took a year of begging and complaining to convince them, but I did it. Ever since I started running, biking, and swimming more, I’ve identified some interesting challenges and tackled them. Living in Florida, one of those has been to bike the entire Florida Overseas Heritage Trail from Key Largo to Mile Marker 0. This Thanksgiving break I decided to do just that.

After Thanksgiving brunch with two of my sons, I packed up my SUV with all my adventure gear, and drove the six and a half hours from Orlando to Marathon Key. Day one was riding from Marathon to Mile Marker 0 and back. I timed my start just right so I’d get to see the sun coming up over the historic Seven Mile Bridge. Of course, I made a brief stop to take a photo and appreciate all the beauty that is ours to take in. Then on to Mile Marker 0 and back to Marathon.

You might be asking yourself how cycling and water skiing tie in together. On the second day, just as I am coming around a bend in the Overseas Highway, there it is – a 3’ wake board ramp (and five really good looking wakeboarder guys). So, what’s a middle aged former pro water skier to do? Well, stop in and make a reservation for the next day obviously.

As I get older, it really is the little things I uncover while trying to achieve bigger goals that are the real treats. Getting pictures of our client’s kids and even grandkids now, stopping in to see an old cycling friend on the way back, getting to wakeboard while cycling the keys, are just some of the examples from business and life that help me stop and reflect on how truly special it all is.

One of the analogies I love most about sports is whether you’re cycling 300 miles, building a practice/business, starting a family, or any of the other amazing things we’re able to do in this life, you have to believe in your mind that you can do it before you actually do.

We are here to help our clients achieve their goals – from marketing and business goals, to even athletic goals in 2017 and beyond.