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Candace Crowe Design is a team of visionary thinkers, programmers, designers, and talented professionals providing creative solutions to over 275 aesthetic practices throughout the U.S. and Canada. It has been family owned and operated since 1994.  On a daily basis, we are thankful for each and everyone of our clients.

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Meet the dedicated team at CCD who work together day in and day out to bring our clients the most amazing creative.

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Founder & CEO

As CEO and Founder of Candace Crowe Incorporated, Candace truly enjoys listening to her clients’ marketing needs, conceptualizing solutions and then producing spectacular results. A creative visionary, Candace is regarded by clients and colleagues as a consummate professional who is a delight to work with.

Candace recognizes that the key to continued success is to help people achieve their goals. She is regularly invited to speak at the major national and international aesthetic industry meetings, and has also written and contributed to articles for both print and online publications.

Candace Crowe has worked with aesthetic medical practices throughout the U.S. and Canada since 1999, helping to pioneer the marketing through patient education strategy. A graduate of Florida State University, she built her firm based on a passion for art, beautiful design and compassion for the aesthetic patient.

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Marketing Project Manager

As the PM, Alexandra moves our team forward collaboratively to a successful outcome that is aligned with the customer’s goals. With 25+ years in Marketing, Alexandra previously was the Sales and Marketing Director at a popular shopping, dining & entertainment attraction in Kissimmee. She enjoys hanging out with her family including Jagger, her standard poodle; visiting the national seashore, cycling, checking out the Morse Museum in Winter Park and traveling to the southwest.

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Developer / Writer

John obsesses over technology news, hunting for the latest gem of information that will help our clients stand out from their competition and stay on the cutting edge. In addition to co-developing and co-teaching the DIY SEO Course, John focuses on WordPress programming, copywriting and email marketing.

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Timothy Crowe
Operations / Finance

A University of Central Florida graduate with a degree in Economics, Tim has grown up with Candace Crowe Design. Having touched almost every aspect of CCD’s offering, he has a unique understanding of the marketing needs of the aesthetic surgeon. From a projects start to its completion, he works with the CCD team to ensure our quality and consistency is second to none. He also runs all the financial reports, models, budgets, and forecasts. In his personal life he enjoys cycling, surfing, NPR, and his new Kindle.

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Graphic Designer/Front End Web Developer

With a penchant for adventure, the newest addition to the CCD team (and, the person with the longest job title) embraces the concept of living in the moment. Asli (pronounced əsla) relocated to Orlando from Istanbul in 2012. After earning a degree in graphic design at the Art Institute in Boston, she honed her skills at an outdoor advertising company and at Randstad, a multinational human resources consulting firm. Her scope at CCD includes logo design, website development and print design.

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Web Developer, Designer

Eric has been with CCD for over five years. He brings more than 14 years of experience designing and developing websites in an agency environment. He has a plethora of awards for his web design and programming and has worked on projects for multiple Fortune 500 companies including Disney and Hilton. He has been integral to the development of REVENEZ® , BRAGbook™, and all of our websites. Eric is also a photographer and brings his precision in photography to all of his development and design work.

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Consulting CFO, advisor

For over 13 years, Terry has helped guide our strategy, growth, and profitability. Terry Soifer is the founder and President of Consulting CFO, a financial business consulting firm headquartered in Winter Park, Florida. Consulting CFO provides Controller and Chief Financial Officer (CFO) services to small and medium-sized businesses.

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Accountant/Tax Specialist

Jennifer has assisted Candace Crowe Design with tax preparation, tax planning, bookkeeping, accounting services, and more since we first opened our doors. Jennifer worked with nearly a hundred small businesses in Central Florida for over three decades. Jennifer enjoys beauty, snorkeling, hiking, traveling, and investing in people she cares for.


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