You Are Upgrade & Gift Card Eligible


Upgrade to Reap the Rewards

Adding digital signage to your practice can result in a 5% or more increase in revenue.

Why upgrade?
Digital signage makes the statement that you are a trendsetter, a leader
Fully customizable… fully.
Puts the power in your hands, updates anytime, anywhere
Library of videos and ads, Inspiring, beautiful library of ads and videos at your fingertips
All TunedIN clients who upgrade receive a $200 American Express gift card

Introducing try-before-you-buy program
You decide. Try Advantage Play for 15 days for $299. If you decide to purchase, 100% of your rental fee will be applied to the purchase price. We will pre-load it with relevant content for your practice and ship it to you.

If you are not 100% happy with Advantage Play simply let us know and we will send you a shipping label to return it to us.

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