Websites & SEO

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Unique, Responsive WordPress Sites &
SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Design is in our name
Your site will pass the 50 millisecond test. Google Analytics show that sites we create have long view times and a low bounce rate. Viewers will experience positive feelings while visiting your site that extends to their perception of other aspects of your practice. It’s called the “halo effect”. Let’s put it to work for you.

How we work with you
You will be assigned a team to work directly with you. It will consist of a project manager, art designer, writer, SEO guru and programmer. The very best way to complete your website is by having weekly or biweekly meetings with us via JoinMe. This way we can move through design and development as easily and efficiently as possible.

How we approach SEO
SEO is a phrase that gets used a lot and can mean different things to different people. At its core, SEO is a series of naming conventions and standards that allow search engine software to crawl and index your site and easily understand your content. When this occurs, it is easier for potential patients to find you in a search. You can be sure your new site developed by Candace Crowe Design will include SEO that utilizes the latest Google trends, is organic and specific for the plastic surgery industry.

How we keep you secure

We employ a number of tactics to keep our websites safe, including keeping everything up-to-date. And that’s trickier than pressing a button. There are many components, updating one may create a conflict with another. It takes careful maintenance and personal supervision.

  • Your website will be checked daily to ensure it is up-to-date.
  • Your website will be backed-up on a regular basis with redundant copies to ensure that if anything goes wrong, it’ll be put right ASAP.
  • Your website will be protected from brute force attacks with IP blocking.
  • We employ the latest security best practices and protocols to keep your site up and the hackers out.