Engage More Visitors, See More Revenue

Easy to manage digital signage, designed for the aesthetic industry. Comes with loads of content including videos and ads, and we add more monthly. Plus, you can easily upload videos, create ads, or select pre-loaded content to play on any TV in your practice.

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Showcase video, ads and a newsfeed on your TV with Advantage Play.

Advantage Play is a beautiful and a helpful way to self-promote. It’s flexible enough that no two practices will display the exact same thing. A practice employee can set it up and leave it alone for months and months or if they’d like, make updates and changes whenever they like.

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“You can’t afford not to have it in your practice.”

Mark A. Pinsky, MD, PA

Easy Set-Up

Advantage Play uses a device smaller than a dollar bill, discretely placed behind your TV. Updating the content is as easy as managing your music playlists or typing an email. Even the busiest practice can be up and running within minutes.

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Buy It Now or Cry Later

Advantage Play Counter-Top grabs attention on the spot. It delivers information on topics such as loyalty programs or financing at just the right time: when the patient is at check out or at the patient coordinator’s desk. Advantage Play Counter-Top focuses just on up sell and add-on opportunities.


Advantage Play

The set-up includes the device and one Advantage Play license for $849. There is a $129 per month fee that covers the dashboard and all the content we release. New content is added on a monthly basis. We offer special rates for multi-device set-ups.

Advantage Play Counter-Top

$649 per device including set-up and $20 per month.

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