Advantage Play

Key features:

Digital signage you control.
Upload videos, create ads, or select pre-loaded content to play on any TV in your practice.


$649 per device includes set-up
$129 monthly

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What is Advantage Play?

Showcase video, ads and a newsfeed on your TV with Advantage Play.

Remember when TV was basically CBS, NBC, ABC? Then came YouTube, Netflix, and Roku? Now there is Advantage Play – your own private TV channel.

Advantage Play is a beautiful and a helpful way to self-promote. It’s flexible enough that no two practices will display the exact same thing. A practice employee can set it up and leave it alone for months and months or if they’d like, make updates and changes whenever they like.

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How can Advantage Play impact a cosmetic practice?

Anytime a you can own a piece of your marketing, however big that is, it’s crucial for the success of a practice. Advantage Play allows practices to promote and market their services, without having to do any heavy lifting. When new ads are created with the Ad Maker, they’re pushed out to the displays within 10 minutes.

The ability to make updates as soon as they happen is also huge. Let’s say you start offering a new skin care line or laser treatment, it can be featured on Advantage Play within 10 minutes. Never be out-of-date, patients will be informed about all the practice’s procedures, events, specials, and newsworthy items.

Is there much of a learning curve to use Advantage Play?

If you can use Microsoft Word, you’ve got this. Updating content is as easy as managing a music playlist or posting to social media.

Advantage Play is managed through CCD’s dashboard. Training takes about 15-30 minutes. What we’ve seen is we’ll do one training with the practice, then they’ll usually have one or two follow up questions. Never hesitate to call if you’d like some help, have suggestions or have any questions what-so-ever. We want you to be 100% happy and use it to your full Advantage:)

Will it use up my bandwidth?

Advantage Play receives updates over the internet, but unlike other content streaming solutions, Advantage Play caches the content for reliable playback even when the internet is slow or disconnected.

The only time Advantage Play taxes bandwidth is when it’s updating. We recommend making updates at the end of the day or over the weekend.

What is the price of Advantage Play?

The set-up includes the device and one Advantage Play license for $649. There is a $129 per month fee that covers the dashboard and all the content we release. New content is added on a monthly basis. We offer special rates for multi-device set-ups.

Why use a 3-block layout?

Research shows that for a person viewing 2-30 minutes in the reception area the most effective layout is a 3-block or a 2-block layout with a newsfeed. ~ Digital Signage Today

How are practices using the video section?

Select from the library in your dashboard or upload your own custom videos. You can even easily turn your Power Point or Keynote presentations into video and use them in the main section of the 3-block layout.

How are practices using the Newsfeed?

This is where practices can write about current news, celebrate a birthday, or be witty or playful with a riddle of the day. Whatever they want to focus on they can.

How are practices using the Ad Maker tool?

This is an a creation tool where the practice can modify a ready-to-use template or create their own ad from “scratch”.

Some practices ask us to design custom branded ads specific for their private dashboard use. They are created using the practices’ branded colors and style. Here’s a list of some of the more popular topics.

  • Ad features physician, practice & accreditation logos, awards, years in practice
  • Ad features infographics for ratings and reviews, practice logo
  • Ad features specific procedure and a selection of before and after photos
  • Ad features our locations
  • Ad features membership plans
  • Ad features loyalty rewards
  • Ad features patient testimonials
  • Ad features “meet our staff”
  • Ad features financing
  • Ad features surgery center or Hospital Affiliation(s)
  • Ad features volunteer and outreach efforts
Why use Digital Signage?

Signs are the most effective, yet least expensive form of advertising for small businesses, according to the Small Business Administration. The strong growth in digital signage can be attributed to its effectiveness.

Research shows: nearly seven in 10 customers have purchased a product or service because a sign caught their eye. Fed Ex Office Study

Reduce perceived wait time by as much as 35%, Lavi field study.

Digital signage has a recall rate higher than any other form of traditional media with 83%.

80% of brands experienced a significant increase of up to 33% in additional sales through the use of digital signage (Digital Signage Today).

Where are practices using it? (Waiting area, treatment rooms, and events)

What’s right for a treatment room isn’t right for the waiting room. The waiting room experience should be relaxing. Beautiful imagery edutainment engages patients, but in a relaxed way. In this state of mind, digital signage can introduce patients to procedures and treatments they have not previously considered.

In a room where the patient is receiving non-surgical treatment, the privacy and immediacy of the space is perfect for delivering more complex messages. These can be messages about care, as well as about what  differentiates you, or the benefits of a new treatment. Digital signage allows easy scheduling so tailored content can be delivered through out the day.

A word about Candace Crowe Design (CCD)

CCD has been producing education videos for the cosmetic industry since 2002. Not until now has their been such an easy and affordable way to present the videos in-office. “When we create a service that is “healthy” marketing – that’s beautiful and reaches one’s soul we have served the industry well. Advantage Play is just that. It’s good for the practice and it’s good for the patient. It’s affordable and customizable. I’m proud to put my name on it,” said Candace Crowe.

What video topics do you have? (Over 150 video topics to choose from)

Each video in the library focuses on living life as a celebration, self assured and beautiful. They inform the viewer of choices and help them think of questions to ask in order to decide if they’d like to add that procedure to what they’d like to have done.

Email us for a list of our current topics.