Meet Our Team

The Right Team Matters

“Behind the name of a practice or company like mine, are people. At Candace Crowe Design, the right team matters. With the right team we do great work.

In our 23 years of offering marketing services for the aesthetic practice, I’ve never had a team this talented. It is my delight to introduce them to you. Please feel free to call, ask to speak to them, and get to know them.”

— Candace

Meet Candace Crowe

President / Creative Visionary

Candace truly enjoys listening to her clients’ marketing needs, conceptualizing solutions and then producing results. Innovation is in her DNA and was learned first-hand from growing up working for her father’s company. That company was the largest manufacturer of small backhoes in the world at the time.

She’s regularly invited to speak at the major national and international aesthetic industry meetings, and has also written and contributed to articles for both print and online publications.

Candace Crowe has worked with aesthetic medical practices throughout the U.S. and Canada since 1999, helping to pioneer the marketing through patient education strategy. A graduate of Florida State University, she built her firm based on a passion for art, beautiful design and love for the aesthetic patient.

The key to continued success is to help people achieve their goals. We’ve been family-owned and operated since 1994. Read Our Story to learn more about our early days. I invite you to call me — I’d love to get to know you.

Meet TK Crowe
Operations / Finance

TK can safely say that he has spent more than ⅔rds of his life working in the advertising and marketing industry. As a child he helped with print and direct mail campaigns, turning digital teens. Having grown up with the company, he takes pride in delivering the work that represents the years of dedication his family has put into helping aesthetic practices.

TK enjoys talking to doctors and their staff at conferences as well as speaking. Some of his favorite courses are: Maximizing the Value of your Before and After Photos, Junk VS Jewel: Email Marketing Best Practices, and Wait Time: Opportunity Lost or Gained?

A graduate of the University of Central Florida with a degree in economics, TK has a natural talent for finance, cash flow and projections. He is truly the grease that keeps our financial engine running.

TK has been a Toastmaster since 2016 serving in various leadership roles, earning awards for speaking, and making it to the District Level of the World Championship of Public Speaking in 2018. The table topics game we play at conference is directly from his Toastmasters experience.

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Meet John
Internet Manager

John wrote his first computer program and programmed his first website before he was a teenager, and hasn’t stopped since. In the past two decades, John has had the privilege of designing, programming and managing infrastructure for small businesses and international organizations. He has worked on Adobe Site of Day-winning projects, and has helped launched successful start ups.

As our Internet Manager, John oversees the development of our client websites, digital products, servers, databases and code repositories, and enforces security with the banHammer of Thor. He crunches the numbers to inform strategic decision making, improve SEO rankings, digital ad placements and open rates.

John enjoys spending time with family, visiting art galleries and breweries, and enjoying Florida’s climate and outdoor activities.

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Meet Denise
Administrative Assistant

Denise is a career office ninja with over 30 years of administrative experience. She brings her organizational, research and excellent multi-tasking ability to the team.

A transplant from Memphis, Tennessee, she enjoys riding bicycles on the Cady Way Trail with her husband, Fran, listening to music, reading mysteries and self-help books.

Meet Jade
Illustrator, Graphic & Web Designer

Jade is a multi-disciplinary designer and a graduate of the University of Florida. She interprets our clients’ needs and translates them into print and digital works that consist of graphics, web pages, illustrations, animated gifs, etc.

Having gone to art school, Jade enjoys going to art museums a little too much. She also has a love for all things vintage and will talk about Harry Potter to whoever will listen.

Meet Vergentino
Web Designer & Photographer

Tino is a web professional with several years of web design, development, email marketing and photography experience. He’s had the opportunity to focus on front-end design for different outlets, including media, marketing, vacation ownership and consumer products industries.

Born in Puerto Rico and raised by Cable TV, he’s often disguised as a concert photographer and a certified running coach. He’s addicted to coffee, baseball, chocolate and any type of music, but claims to dance like a meerkat.

Meet Michaela
Team Director

A beach bum at heart, Michaela moved to Orlando to study Business at The University of Central Florida. As Team Director, she maintains steady communication with the client and makes sure all projects are running smoothly and delivered on time.

Always armed with Starbucks and a plan, she manages deadlines and smooths workflow with ease. She can be spotted at the gym, trying out a new coffee shop, or at the dog park with her fur baby, Moose.

Meet Andrew
Full-Stack Developer

Andrew plays a key role in upgrading BRAG book and Advantage Play. He is a full-stack developer with a love for Laravel, Vue + Docker. He is proficient in PHP and JavaScript, building websites, custom applications, inventory management software, appointment scheduling apps, and more.

We are glad to have his help around here as we work towards BRAG book 2.0 and Advantage Play 2.0.

Meet Jorge
Developer/Cloud Architect

Jorge brings decades of experience and wisdom to the CCD team. An AWS Subject Matter Expert, he has experience in architecture, design and delivery of distributed systems & services. He has spent many years in distributed computing, architecture and solutions delivery for large companies.

Jorge is helping to spearhead the development of BRAG book 2.0 and Advantage Play 2.0

He was born and raised in Carolina, Puerto Rico and has traveled the world enabling customers and partners gain intimate knowledge of Cloud Computing related skills and development. In his spare time, you can find him getting tossed around in a Gracie Jiu Jitsu mat or learning the latest magic or mentalism performance from passionate, dedicated and world class practitioners.