Growing up in the industry: TK’s perspective

I don’t remember what age I was, but I remember the moment when I saw the magazine open showing boobs on my mom’s desk.

I don’t think I was old enough to really know they were boobs. Or maybe I had seen so many of them that it just seemed normal.

But I know when I had friends over, they thought it was cool.

I guess you could say I grew up in a pretty eccentric environment.

Between the plastic surgery magazines, piano lessons, ballroom dancing, and soccer, I got exposed to quite a bit as a kid.

After college, I had trouble settling into environments that didn’t have the variety that my upbringing provided. And after a while I settled in the family business, with all the craziness and excitement it entails.

CCD provides a variety of products and services, that I get to play my part in building, delivering, and accounting for.

I handle the finances, making sure bills are paid, and invoices are sent out.

I help train our customers on our products like Advantage Play and BRAG book.

I serve as an account manager for a few of the clients that I have a special relationship with.

I also help with sales and attended shows before the pandemic.

Given my history in the industry, I also help provide digital strategy.

In my personal life, I like riding my bike, bikram yoga, and reading.

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