John’s Google Ads CPL $9.61

I focus on the data; I work on analytics, SEO and website development. I get to see first hand how changes we make to the site effect rank and leads. And I am often asked, how do we get more leads?

A long-time client in a highly competitive market wanted to come out strong and capture the Emsculpt market. They have a strong overall search presence with SEO, they have great reviews and word of mouth from happy patients, but they wanted more Emsculpt patients.

Based on what we saw in the data, we had a simple, but effective solution: advertise.

To create effective Google Ads we focus
on three things:

How they search for your service
How they experience the answer
to their search
How they take the next step

One of the great troubles with search engine optimization for plastic surgeons is they do not want their website to list “make my butt look nicer” as a service, or use “make my butt nicer” in page titles, or throughout their copy. That’s very understandable, but it does remove a significant number of searchers from your pool of potential leads.

This is not an issue with Google Ads because we can simply bid to appear at the top of “make my butt nicer” results, and when our ad shows up, we can be professional and offer a compelling reasons for clicking on our Emsculpt ad. This is an example, but it illustrates how we can very quickly cast a wider net than SEO often allows. And in a more targeted location; we use all the demographic targeting tools Google makes available.

Once we’ve cast our nets, we take care in how we reel them in. Someone looking for “shredded abs” is not interested in the same thing as someone looking for “a nice butt”, so we create multiple versions of the ads to cater to these differences. We can also look at the numbers of clicks compared to lead conversions for any given search term or ad group, and remove it if it is not performing well.

The most important part is the landing page. It is essential to advertising success. A well designed landing page is focused only the topic the searcher is interested in and is very clear about the next step they should take. When we take on an Google Ad project, we like to get our clients up and running with their ads ASAP and simply use their regular procedure page as the landing page. This allows us start gathering data on how people are searching and what they respond to while our client sees extra leads.

Here’s the best part: they are only spending $750 on the ads each month–in July, that was just $9.61 per lead. And we are creating the same kind of success for a number of treatments, including breast augmentation. For breast augmentation, they are getting a little more than twice as many leads per month from Google Ads compared to other sources.

Are you running Google Ads? What is your cost per lead? Give us a call, we love hearing from our readers.

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