L2’s eCommerce Win

I’d like to let you get to know the team behind me, Candace. This is the first in a short series of emails where we’ll share a story from each of our team members. Let me introduce you to Laurinda Lindsey, fondly known as L2 around the office. She will take it from here.


Dear friend,

As team director, I’m continually looking for ways to make life better for our clients. There’s always a challenge and an opportunity to solve a problem and reach a goal, which is what makes my job so fun. Here’s a recent example:

One of our clients wanted to help their patients have access to the perfect gift for mom on Mother’s Day. With the shutdown keeping patients from coming to the office, the aesthetician asked her doctor, “Why can’t we sell my skincare services online?” That’s where we came in.

Candace’s team knew just what to do and built a small commerce site where his patients could purchase treatments such as Vitamin C facials, HydraFacials®, microdermabrasion and gift cards.

Our client selected one of the Advantage Mail Mother’s Day templates and customized it with his brand and promotional message. A few minutes later, word about the convenient new shopping site was sent to his entire database of opt-in subscribers and the orders started coming in!

In a time when the office was closed and the income stream was nonexistent, this was awesome!”
-Dr. Evan Sorokin

Within just 4 days, the practice received $5,475 for gift cards and services during a time when everything was closed due to COVID restrictions. Our client was thrilled by the response and the additional unplanned revenue.

In the coming weeks, we’ll be adding to his store and continue to use Advantage Mail to get the word out to his patients. Great plan!

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