A Cut Above: The Wow Factor in Printing

A Cut Above: The Wow Factor in Printing That Gets You Noticed

Full color or black and white are not the only options for printing items like your brochures, business cards and folders. Modern offset printing techniques provide myriad possibilities that can make your stationery and consultation package stand out from the competition. Patients are exposed to marketing and advertising every day, and the majority of them will notice and assign credibility to a well-designed business card or brochure.

Special effects like a die cut (a paper cutting process which produces curves or shapes) or the use of a metallic ink can give a subtle or dramatic touch to a printed piece. Inset photographs can be highlighted with a glossy sheen by using a spot gloss varnish, and a brochure or business card can be protected against fingerprints with a flood of aqueous coating. There are other effects and many combinations of these which can provide your marketing materials with a unique, high-end look that patients will appreciate.

Wishing you aesthetic beauty in all you do!


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