Can you answer this challenge question?

How much good will one workout do when you want to be fit and toned, run a 10K, and enjoy better health? It’s the reps and the plan that matter.

It’s the same for marketing. One e-blast won’t really move the needle… at least not for long. One month of search optimization won’t help you “get found”. One Facebook or Insta post will certainly get lost in the crowded social scene and go unnoticed.

Some practices have pieces (tactics), but not the strategic plan. String a bunch of random tactics together and you get what I call slot machine marketing. But those same tactics when done with strategy can be your biggest marketing successes.

Call me with the answer to this challenge question and you’ll receive a secret gift.

In order to invest in my own assets I should

A) get 10% better at taking and showcasing my before and after photos

B) make sure all my patients are educated on what I have to offer

C) focus on quality service

I REALLY believe in marketing. BUT without a full plan how much good will it do?

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