Candace Crowe Design Releases MarketME Social™ Videos

Candace Crowe Design Releases REVENEZ Videos for Facebook MarketME Social™ videos

Providing a solution to many aesthetic practices’ need for content on social media, Candace Crowe Design (CCD) posted the first videos of their newly launched REVENEZ Videos for Facebook (now called MarketME Social). Leveraging the success and industry reputation of REVENEZ Educational Videos, Videos for Facebook MarketME Social delivers both sharable content to viewers and viewers to aesthetic practices. The videos are short, informative and appealing – a simple introduction to the procedure and a great way to start a conversation among your “Friends.”  Practices like Dr. Mark Jewell’s are already seeing success.

“Candace Crowe is one of the most creative individuals that I have met. She has a unique talent for seeing things and putting them into a great message for your practice,” said Dr. Jewell, former ASAPS president and an industry leader in patient education. We used her services to produce videos on a Facebook media campaign that generated many leads for my practice and spa. Through her products, Candace Crowe helps us educate patients and market our practice.”

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In everything we do, we believe in challenging the status quo. Average is not acceptable. We challenge the world by being innovative, by developing tools no other company offers. If you’re the kind of person who likes to have total control over every aspect of your practice, we have the tools for you.

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