Compelling reasons for patient education

Following are two very compelling reasons to implement a clear strategy and process for educating patients on your website, in your office, and to have take home education.

Patient confusion—driven by heightened cosmetic medicine competition and marketing—is perhaps the greatest threat to a plastic surgery practice. Patients may not understand the benefits of certain procedures or may have misconceptions about the outcomes. They may know about one treatment, but not understand how a series of treatments and procedures can work in combination for better results. Still other new patients may fear the pain and cost associated with invasive procedures. All of these and other factors mean that building trust is an essential process unique to each physician. But as the industry evolves, bringing with it a constant stream of new issues that impact cosmetic medicine, plastic surgeons should be mindful of the need to constantly reinforce patient trust through education.” –MemberGuide.pdf, page 15


A website is one of the most important tools to educate patients even before they walk in the door and create compelling reasons to prompt them to schedule a consultation. Making the most of a website—whether the practice is developing one for the first time or optimizing an existing site—is an integral part of a successful cosmetic practice.” –MemberGuide.pdf, page 25

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