How to get and use real patients in your marketing

How to get and use real patients in your marketing

Partner with a salon and photography studio

It’s a common business practice to “partner” with businesses that serve similar customers. Why do you think Care Credit, Alpheon, and Prosper HealthCare Lending attend our meetings?

Where do you, your spouse, or your staff go to get your makeup and hair styled? Who do you go to when you need that perfect portrait photo? Where do you shop for clothing? Make a list and decide which vendors pair well with the type of patients you want to serve. Then, talk with them about partnering with your practice to create a “new look connection.”  Make a list of your most loyal patients and start contacting them about their interest in being a part of your “new look connection” program.

Decide where, when and how the program will work best for all and decide on a date to get started. If you need ideas or someone to run your thoughts by don’t hesitate to call me or someone here at my office. We’d be glad to help.

Have an event

Invite 10-12 of your most loyal patients, a photographer, makeup and hair artist. Invite industry partners such as CoolSculpting, Allergan, SkinCeuticals and others to participate and share the costs. Give the makeup artist, stylist and photographer space to do their work and get started.

Set up a photo booth in your practice

Designate an area just to take photos and even shoot video. Have a setup with a camera, lights, backdrop, makeup station, and release forms. Anytime a patient comes through with excellent results who would be a natural champion for your brand, ask if they’d like to be “champion of-the-day” and be featured on your website.

In each scenario, the patient would receive a printed and digital copy of the photo and the opportunity to post it on their social networks. A true win/win. Of course, always make sure you have the proper release forms signed.

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