How Practices Can Make Use of the Color of the Year

Aesthetic patients as a group contain fashionistas and design savvy women who are conscious of the latest styles and trends. Finding ways to incorporate the new colors says you speak their lingo. It’s a powerful signal that you care about aesthetics the way these patients care about aesthetics and they can trust you.

The Office Facelift to Improve Conversions

TIP: Add optimism with Rose Quartz, add tranquility with Serenity
For offices with neutral color decor, add in new art pieces, cushions or decorative elements like flowers and vases to refresh the practice’s look and shape a patients outlook. Aside from engage the fashion-forward patients, adding flourishes or accent pieces with either color can help shape the patient’s consultation experience.

New Energy to Old Campaigns

TIP: Restore old marketing materials with new color
Like a piece of furniture, an old reliable marketing campaign or offer can be given new life with a little paint. Sometimes it’s as simple as using filter to enhance a photo: tinting an old advertisement with Rose Quartz gives it warmth and new fashion-current life.

Birds of Similar Color Feathers…

TIP: Create new campaigns with color as the primary consideration
The Color of the Year is just as much a reflection of where the fashion industry is already headed as it is a guide for where to go. The luxury and fashion brands your patients already know and love will be using these colors, and adopting them for your marketing materials signals to the patient you are in that same caliber of brand. That’s great brand positioning.

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