How to attract and keep patients in times like these

What can you do to get noticed better, convert better, and refer better? I’m sure you’ve heard of some of the following ideas before, but there might be a new one here or one you’ve never had time to implement. So as you read, pick out one to start with.

  1. Internal marketing is always the fastest way to a new booking. Pull a list of consults and patients from the last two years and reach out to them.
  2. A patient won’t book surgery with someone they don’t trust. So work on building an on going relationship with all your patients. What are your touch points… the sign on your building, your photo and bio — are they up to date, email campaign, your website. Work at making each of these touch points stronger.
  3. Then support your touch points with evidence. Do you have an album of testimonials available on your website and in your office? Is your before and after photo gallery up to date? What are you using for patient education to show you care enough to support them? Patient education is a key element for referrals. If you want a better conversion rate from your patient coordinator work on your process, training, and materials that will support her. In the reception area, if your patients have enough time to pick up a magazine and you don’t have digital signage featuring all your services, you are missing appointments.
  4. What are you absolutely the best at? Is there a procedure you enjoy doing more than others? Then, consider a tag line that promotes you as the go to plastic surgeon for that procedure.
  5. Social Networking doesn’t only happen online. Create a “Special Invite” card that is preprinted but has a space where you can fill in the date and have a staff member visit businesses within 5-10 minutes of your office for an invitation to a “Friday quick fix lunch and Q & A with the Doctor”.

Marketing is really all about attracting and creating good relationships. Depending on your budget, we have solutions that help you get noticed and increase conversion rates.

These are just a few ideas. If you want more please don’t hesitate to call me. I’d enjoy hearing from you.

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