How to create marketing momentum easily

Does your schedule dictate the direction of your practice or do you “steer your own ship”? By taking the time now to do some analysis, brainstorming, and planning, you can make 2020 your best year yet, all in 4 hours or less.

The download included with this email is a marketing planner for 2020 that will provide a way for you get to do more of the things you love and enjoy. You could even call this your goal setting plan for 2020 since marketing drives sales and sales drive cashflow and cashflow determines your business’ future.

Our planner is divided into four 1-hour sessions to give you time to ponder between the sessions. It is in the in-between time that you’ll find some of your best ideas.

It’s important to remember that creating the plan, doesn’t mean you need to stick to it perfectly. Things happen, plans change, it’s ok. The benefits of planning are the new ideas you’ll generate, and an increased ability to adjust when things happen and the plan needs to change.

Session One: Getting Started
Schedule an hour with yourself and a designated helper. Find a comfortable quiet place where you can be alone with your thoughts. Think about who you know that could help you achieve these goals. Do you have a natural writer in your practice? Someone who loves to take photos and videos? Be sure they have at least 5 hours a week they can devote to marketing tasks.

Reach back in your thoughts to recall your most successful marketing activities. Write them down as they come to you. Then list any new ideas you think of. Don’t judge them. This is an exercise in brainstorming so no idea is a bad idea. Be sure to ponder on these thoughts before you do your next session.

Session Two: Evaluate
Together with your designated helper, do the evaluation in your workbook. In order to keep this a “doable” project, I’ve simplified it so you’ll have to be intuitive about how you decide. Trust your intuition, you’ll be fine. During this session you will identify what to focus on so that you drive the direction of your practice.

Session Three: Create Your Plan
If you’re reading this, you are a high achiever. So to help make your plan something that can really be accomplished, I recommend using this monthly KISS formula: if it fits on a 5 x 7 index card it is more likely to be accomplished.

Review your seasonal procedures and treatments. Start filling them in a month to 6 weeks in advance in the outline and strategy section of your planner. As you review your plan, check to see that you are spending 80% of your focus on your top 3 surgical and non-surgical procedures and 20% on promotions.

Session Four: Implement
Review and put tasks into a Google Calendar (assign), implement and enjoy the power of strategic momentum.

Make sure to schedule periodic review meetings to make sure you’re accomplishing your goals and adjusting when you need to.

Wrap up
Now that you’ve completed your planner, trust your work. You know where you want to take your practice and have a good idea of how to get there. Each month will build on the last and it won’t take long before you’re enjoying tangible results.

For those of you that are ASAPS certified, recently I was asked to share our 4-Hour Marketing Planner as a recorded interview and downloadable pdf that has been placed in the Practice Solutions Library on RADAR. There you can also watch the full 30 minute video interview.

Laugh, smile, tell a joke… get in a good mood every day. I promise it will improve your marketing.

Your marketing maven,

Candace Crowe
President / Artist

P.S. Download your complimentary 2020 Marketing Planner here. Call me and let me know if it helped or what suggestions you have to improve it.

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