How Video Marketing Helps Your Aesthetic Practice

How Video Marketing Helps Your Aesthetic Practice

When at a ball game, do you notice the static signage on the walls, or does the big screen get your attention when they’re not playing the game? Gangnam Style has over 1 billion hits – there is not a single post on Huffington with over three million hits. Video gets attention.

Videos Generate Leads
Videos also improve your search engine results. Each video represents another taggable digital property that links back to your website. And they can exist in an infinite number of places easily. If I like a video from your YouTube channel, I can share it on my website – this is how and why videos go viral. Properly tagged videos will increase your opportunities to be found and your ‘authority’ and ‘credibility’ in search engines like Google. As written content boosts your authority on Google now, so too will video content someday soon.

Video Improves Conversion for Plastic Surgeons
The first thing on is a video. The first thing on Sciton’s is a video. The main point of interest on The Weekly Golf Buzz video. Why do these successful brands use video? Because they know after attracting leads to their page, video keeps them on the page and looking at their content. Like TV, video can be addicting. Our educational video products have been increasing the time on page for our clients and providing great educational content. Time on page helps SEO ranking of course (it’s an indicator that your content is good and relevant to what was searched for), and like traditional branding, the more time a lead spends with you, the more positive feelings they develop for you.

These leads will come in for consults and your video resources will help them see you as the surgeon for them. According to Marie Olesen of “Schedule more surgery by providing high-quality procedure education at consult. Despite extensive online availability of information, your patients’ primary driver of likelihood to schedule is the procedure information you provide. Practices who meet patient needs at consult have more highly satisfied patients, and likelihood to schedule doubles among highly satisfied patients.”

Video Helps Reduce Complications in Cosmetic Surgery
Remember Bob Villa? Now we just search YouTube for “home repair how to” advice. And not only do we get the job done, we avoid all the little problems that might catch the unprepared off guard. Cosmetic patients get that same benefit from education videos: they know what to expect, how to prepare and how to take care of themselves.

Video has been shown to improve information retention rates compared to verbal instruction. Having educational videos available 24/7 on your website helps patients feel more at ease before surgery and sets realistic expectations. Having access to good patient education reduces the potential for negative complications and increases the likelihood that they will have a positive outcome.

Video Marketing: Easier Than Ever
We make video marketing simple for you. Our library of patient education videos have been helping patients prepare and set realistic expectations for over a decade. You can get the whole library for one price.

Our mobile educational videos are just the eye candy your mobile site needs. They are short and sharable and offer enticing information about your procedures. And you can share them across social media with your logo and phone number. Pick the ones you want, tag them up for YouTube and entertain on your mobile site or Facebook page.

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