Is Marketing a “Nice to Have” vs “Must Have”?

ccd ap may 6 2024

Where You Should Spend to Make the Most Impact in Your Practice

When the realities of today include the specter of inflation and the continuing evolution of technology, it’s easy to see why practices are choosing to infuse some cash into their operations. Why not make the most of it?

If you haven’t already established your marketing plan and budget for 2024, it’s time to get busy. Pivot your thinking about marketing as a “nice to have” and add it to the “need to have” column. Marketing your aesthetics practices and promoting your services and products is an investment that can pay big dividends throughout the year and well into the future. Sprucing up your waiting room or investing in marketing content for your practice are just a couple ways to do it. 

Candace Crowe Design can help. As the national leader in marketing for plastic surgery practices, we’re happy to serve as an extension of your practice. Our clients call and email us frequently to get our input, talk about their goals and strategize with us on how to achieve them. Since 1999 we have served over 500 aesthetic practices throughout the U.S. and Canada. 

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