My India Adventure

It seems trite but words cannot express it! The trip seems unreal, from receiving the invite from Dr. Vivek Kumar, to my mornings waking up back in the United States with India still on my mind. He had heard me speak at the Las Vegas Meeting and was sure I would be able to connect with the Indian people. I was the only invited speaker on marketing at the Aesthetics 2015 Learning from Each Other conference in New Delhi, India. It was an honor to be able to share my expertise and get to experience India.

All my lectures were full. All eyes were on me, they were paying 100% attention. They are so hungry to learn that even when the conference facility lost electricity for a short time, we continued. They wanted more so I kept talking through it. I gave a little over four hours of lectures!

Some things in life can’t be explained, they just are. I’m from a town of 460, Delhi, Iowa, and I went to Delhi, India. I remember being seven years old, standing in the Delhi Post Office looking at a map of all the Delhi’s of the world. I think there were five or six of them and Delhi, India was the largest. I wondered what it was like!

India, oh India, how do I express what I felt and experienced? It was amazing but that doesn’t do it justice. The colors of the market were brilliant, the motorcycles zipping along with two, three and even four people on one cycle; children and women in saris as passengers; women washing clothes on third story apartment outdoor patios with saris draped over the wall; dogs, cows, goats, camels, elephants on roads right beside bicycles, motorcycles, rickshaws, and trucks on streets with no lane lines, and seemingly no order to the organized chaos. Surprisingly there were no accidents! To name just a few of my adventures, I rode a camel, an elephant and charmed a cobra, visited Dr. Kumar’s practice, visited the pink city of Jaipur, got blessed with a good luck marigold leigh, ate interesting food, saw more people fit into a jeep than I ever thought possible, met hundreds of wonderful plastic surgeons and dermatologists and on the way back I watched the morning sunrise over Paris.

I want to go back. I want to learn more about their culture. I loved the colors. I loved the intensity of how they listened to my lectures. I want to help them build their practices. I have been invited back to speak next year and help build the conference. I just gotta say, it’s a LONG, LONG trip. The spirit of the people truly touched my heart. Lovely. I suppose is my best way to describe it. Lovely.

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