Plastic Surgeons Need Unique Marketing Tools

Traditional marketing tools are TV, radio, and print advertising. These tools have been called “shout marketing” tools because through them you loudly tell everyone “this is what I can do for you!” Plastic surgery practices don’t need to shout, but they do need to reach out to patients more than ever before. Many advertising firms still do not understand that promoting a medical practice is different from the clients they are accustom to serving.

As a medical professional, you want to maintain the highest level of respect and standards. Loyalty programs, keeping in touch with consults and patients through email, mail, meet our doctor seminars, interactive patient education, and a video loop that features all of your services for your waiting area, are all great examples of non-traditional marketing. These efforts generally cost less, produce a higher return, and promote a respectful appearance.

Set yourself apart by offering exquisite images, videos, patient education, and procedural presentations that will have them wanting to know more about you. Your personal style and manner of communicating determine how approachable you seem to your patients. It is up to you and your staff to make them feel comfortable about asking questions, whether in-person, online, or outside your office door. Many successful practices include a combination of online, printed, and audiovisual materials in their patient education approach. Start with one solid element and build upon that, as needed by your clientele. The time and money you spend on this aspect of your practice will be repaid to you in the form of returning patients and referrals.

Wishing you success in your marketing approach,

Candace Crowe
President, Creative Director

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