Radiant Life Magazine Puts You on the Cover

Radiant Life Magazine Puts You on the Cover

One of the hottest trends in publishing has been the rise of digital printers and variable data printing (VDP). With VDP, a spreadsheet of data is submitted along with the publishing files. On press, the publishing files pull data from the spreadsheet like headlines, cutlines, photo, etc. So, a retail sales catalog that Candace Crowe receives is tailored to Candace Crowe: her name is featured in calls to action, local store information is provided, and sections for Florida customers (beach gear and lawn chairs year-round!) are included.

Radiant Life on the iPad or in PrintRadiant Life has taken this type of publishing to the next level for the aesthetic industry. Each edition of the magazine has set content, but the cover and some of the content is unique to each participating surgeon. And clients can send their edition to whoever they’d like. Instead of having magazines and other reading material around the practice that may celebrate other surgeons, Radiant Life allows you to put yourself on the cover of a quality health and beauty magazine and make it available to every office visitor and everyone on your mailing list.

Or you could send them a digital edition for their tablets and smart phones.

“The advantage to the doctors who participate is the massive amount of exposure,” said Debbie Taylor, President of TaylorMade Printing Services, the publishers of Radiant Life. “Our platform utilizes email marketing and social media marketing, which works along side our direct-mail marketing. There are many hyper links within the doctor’s magazine for increased SEO. Our platform is viewable on tablets and smart phones and may be played in the doctor’s reception area.”

In addition to featuring your photo and comments in articles and on the cover, you’ll be able to include video commentary and links to web pages integrated seamlessly into the page design.

“The most exciting part are the videos. The videos make a personal connection between the doctor and the prospective patient and they serve as an educational tool about various aesthetic procedures,” said Taylor. This current edition of Radiant Life features our REVENEZ Videos, an option for practices without a library of videos to include in their digital edition. “The well-informed consumer of today interested in aesthetics does much of her research on the internet reading and viewing videos of patient testimonials of the doctor. Very often this is the “first impression” that a prospective patient receives and it may be the deciding factor as to whether she will contact the doctor for a consultation.”

From a marketing standpoint, custom-printed magazines and digital editions are a great way to raise awareness and credibility in your market.

“I believe in Internet interactive platforms, such as offered in Radiant Life’s magazine, because people interested in plastic surgery expect it. People want information anywhere, anytime,” Dr. Stuart Kincaid of San Diego, CA. “It makes a lot of sense. Interactive platforms allow for content to be viewed on the Internet, tablets, phones, and any other device with the inclusion of audio, video, website links, and e-mail communication. People interested in plastic surgery can even take surveys, make appointments, and process product orders.”

For more information: radiantlifemagazine.com or call Debbie Taylor at 877-754-3308.

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