Take, Sketch & Send with enVISION

Several of our REVENEZ 1 users asked, so we developed it. We’d have to say it’s a great idea. Thanks!

enVISION, the newly enhanced anatomy library and sketch tool inside of REVENEZ 1 now includes the ability to take a patient’s photo, sketch on it, and save it to the patient’s file or email it to the patient. Consults can easily and more comfortably point out areas of concern on an image of their own face or body displayed on a tablet so that you can then illustrate and explain your treatment plan more effectively. 

Franco Reyes Jacome, MD of Brownsville, Texas is thrilled with how he has incorporated enVISION into his consultation process. And best of all, his patients love it too.

“In just a couple of taps on a tablet I can get the photo I want to discuss. I can take a photo of the patient and while sitting right beside them, draw on the photo and make a plan for the procedure right there. The efficiency of the before and after management system saves me time and money.”

REVENEZ 1 provides enVISION and several other tools to help you educate, inform and confirm your consults so they ask better questions, make better decisions, and build a lasting relationship with your practice. Contact us to find out how REVENEZ 1 can help your practice.



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