Team Candee Strong: Candace’s Road to Recovery

The hardest part of the breast cancer journey is now behind me, and I’ve been able to return to some of my loves. Throughout this journey, a community of people have been there to support me, old friends who reached out, family members, my sons, and my spin instructor – Sharon.

To encourage and rally with me, Sharon put together a group run at the local Run 4 Love 4-mile road race. Most of my spin class, my Ya-Ya sisters, some pilates friends, and my son TK were all part of Team Candee Strong, with matching shirts to boot! It was fun and encouraging. It reminded me that one day this journey will be behind me, and I’ll be back to doing all the things I love so much. It also reminded me of the simple joys in life, like sharing your passions with younger generations.

The star of the event for me was Madison, a five-year-old girl running with her Grandma Mary (a fellow Lucky’s Lake swimmer who herself has run a marathon in all 50 states). I gave Maddy (Madison) my heart and she gave hers back to me. We held hands, running and walking together. For an hour and 8 minutes, the world was peaceful, joyful, and simple. Just putting one foot in front of another singing and dancing our way through the 4-mile course.

Just like that race, signs of recovery come to me nearly daily. I have about a quarter inch of hair now! I’ve also found my theme song, the 1967 classic – HAIR by the Cowsills. It could be everyone’s theme song that has lost their hair for one reason or another! I hope you enjoy it!

“… Gimme a head with hair, long, beautiful hair, shining, gleaming, streaming, flaxen, waxen, give me down to there (hair), shoulder length or longer (hair), here, baby, there, mama everywhere, daddy, daddy hair…

The last time I wrote to you about this journey was just after my 3rd round of chemo. It was rough but I was able (with the help of friends & family) to flip that coin and I became chemosabi strong. If you missed that post and want to read it here is a link.

I have a bit more of the treatment plan left to go but I want you to know I’m feeling pretty good. I’m getting to do a few things that I love, like engaging more at work, walking, pilates, spin, cardio class and cycling. I’m getting stronger and my brain is starting to work again.

I’ll get to see some of you at the Nextech Edge Conference coming up March 21-23 in Las Vegas, the AAFPRS here in Orlando April 4th-6th, and more of you at the ASAPS meeting in Vancouver May 3rd – 5th. I very much look forward to seeing you and giving you a big hug and a smile.

Thank you for being a part of my life. I’d love to hear from you!

Hugs and love to all,
Candace, AKA Candee, AKA Chemosabi

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