The Fourth Installment of the Crowes Nest Podcast Featuring Medicus IT

Podcast Medicus IT V1 R2

Welcome to The Crowes Nest, the official podcast of Candace Crowe Design. Join Candace and TK Crowe as they dive into the world of healthcare IT.

Listen in as they chat with Daniel Livschutz, SVP Business Development – Medicus IT, about an array of topics from: 

  • improving the patient experience
  • choosing a good IT Partner
  • simple things you can do to improve your cyber security posture

About Medicus IT
Medicus IT is committed to helping healthcare organizations leverage technology to optimize patient care and deliver better patient outcomes. Moving beyond traditional IT, Medicus helps its healthcare clients run their IT infrastructure, grow their operations, and transform their organizations. Headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia, with service centers in New Jersey, Ohio, Florida, Arizona, and North Carolina, Medicus is one of the nation’s top Healthcare Solutions Providers (HSP), serving more than 6,500+ providers, with over 50,000+ users in over 2000+ locations.
Together, we drive healthcare forward™.

About Candace Crowe Design
Candace Crowe Design is a design and software company that has specialized in marketing for the aesthetic industry since 1999. CCD is known for its industry knowledge, BRAG book, and Advantage Play®. BRAG book is the most robust plug-and-play before & after gallery in the industry and will be celebrating its 11th year anniversary in the Spring of 2024! They have serviced over 500 clients across the U.S. and Canada. Family-owned.
Brands: Digital Signage – Advantage Play; E-Mail Marketing – Advantage Mail; Digital B & A Gallery – BRAG book

Happy listening!


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