This is the last of my four part series…

This is the last of my four part series titled “SPONTANEOUS EFFORTS DON’T PRODUCE CONSISTENT RESULTS”.


Marketing is fundamentally a conversation between your patients/potential patients and your practice. All marketing, whether it is internal or external, needs to have the heart of great customer service and guide, educate, and encourage your patients. External marketing tells your target audience you have a service that can help them reach their goals. Internal marketing’s goal is to create and retain loyal patients who will recommend you.

Your website is a great example of external marketing. At its basic level, it can help new patients find you – but it can be much more than that. A great, patient-focused website will project an image that inspires confidence in your services.

Loyalty programs, keeping in touch with consults and patients through email, personal notes, phone calls, seminars, great patient education, a video loop that features all of your services for your waiting area, are all great examples of internal marketing. Internal marketing generally costs less and produces a higher return.

Focus on creating an integrated strategy, using both internal and external marketing to promote your practice to patients and prospects. Keep the conversation going and you will be rewarded with long-term, mutually satisfying relationships with the types of patients you want to serve.

Thank you for reading my four part series titled “SPONTANEOUS EFFORTS DON’T PRODUCE CONSISTENT RESULTS”.

Candace Crowe, President, Creative Director

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