Time Waits for No One. Take Time…

Time Waits for No One. Take Time to Attract New Patients.

Face it. Time and resources are limited, so use Franklin Covey’s big rock principle. This jar, depending on what order you put them in, will hold three large rocks and several small ones without overflowing. The large rocks represent my three most important goals or tasks (for the day, week or year). The little ones represent smaller goals, tasks and interruptions-the urgent, but not always important. You see, I have to protect my three most important goals and make room for them first. If I do that, they all can fit.

Plastic surgeons are some of the busiest people I know, so you aren’t just simply going to “find time”. Schedule regular time in your appointment software to focus on your marketing efforts. If you can’t do it, delegate one person who can. They become your designated “keeper of your brand”, keeper of deadlines, reorders, marketing files… That way your brand will be stronger and you’ll be sure to make every dollar of your marketing budget bring a big return.

Time is our great equalizer. You can’t add to it. You can only manage it better. So choose your efforts wisely.

Wishing you (if you celebrate it) a very Merry Christmas! Peace, Hope & Joy.

Candace Crowe
President, Creative Director

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As CEO and Founder of Candace Crowe Design, Candace truly enjoys listening to plastic surgeons’ marketing needs , and then conceptualizing and producing spectacular results that are second to none. The key to the continued success of her firm is that Candace and her staff provide personalized service to each customer. As a recognized expert in marketing aesthetic practices, Candace is a regular speaker at many national and international aesthetic industry meetings.

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