Trust… what causes patients to trust you?

After the year we’ve all just lived through, it’s understandable that consumers are scared and tired and distrustful of just about everyone, from the media and politicians to banks and insurance companies.

Trust… what an interesting, elusive intangible. What causes patients to trust you? How do you inspire trust in people you have never even met? Why should they trust you when they might perceive your efforts to market your services as just another clever way of trying to separate them from the money they feel compelled to hold on to right now?

In business, trust is built in much the same way as it is in our personal lives. It is built on relationships, and good relationships are built over time through effective communication. How are you communicating these days with your patients and prospects? Is it often and consistent? Consumers are busy and bombarded by information, so you’ll have to be polite and creative to get through. Is it patient-focused and genuinely caring? Is it motivated by fear or is it inspired by hope? Consumers are savvy and usually see right through.

There are so many great opportunities to build trust by just being sincere in your desire to consistently offer what you promise. No one in business right now can afford to not deliver what their marketing messages promise. Make certain everyone in your practice is encouraged to uphold your practice’s high standards at every touch point— on phone calls, in email correspondence and certainly in person at the consultation through procedure to follow-up appointments.

Maybe one of the best way to build trust right now for all of us is a little laughter. Sound cliche? Maybe, but it’s hard to be skeptical when someone makes you laugh.

Wishing you a week full of profitable work, joy, and laughter.

Candace Crowe
President, Creative Director

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