How Video Helps Your Practice

How Video Helps Your Practice

How Video Helps Your Practice

How to boost SEO and word-of-mouth advertising with Video Testimonials

We all want simple effective marketing that works. If you have a smartphone, this will work for you.
During a post-operative appointment, if a patient expresses their joy with their results, ask them if they’ll say it on camera and sign written authorization for HIPAA compliance. Then just pull out your smartphone. That’s all you need because in this example video quality is less important than the person giving the testimony. And since it’s not a big production, the patient will feel more relaxed and it will be more natural, all of which will play well with the viewer. Just a simple 15 – 30 second quote is all you need.

Now post that to your YouTube and/or Facebook. Facebook video posts are a fantastic way to generate buzz – just don’t tag the patient or identify them in any way and be sure to get written authorization to post. YouTube posts are great for SEO. Identify the keywords you want to perform better on in searches, then use them in the title and description of the video.

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Tips for how to set up an in-office video shoot

Some of the most effective videos aesthetic practices can make are simple direct-to-camera monologs. Surgeons and staff can introduce themselves, or repurpose blog content, and patients can give testimonials. These interviews should be quick, just 15 to 30 seconds. These videos do not require much to produce, just a smartphone that shoots video. But, with a little more work, you can make a good-looking video.
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Video Tips for Video Success
Three point video lighting tutorial
This is a great basic tutorial on how to set up three-point lighting, the easy technique to create dynamic portrait or video lighting. This tutorial even covers how to create the white background look of Apple’s super modern commercials.

How to shoot great video with an iPhone
iPhone Video Tips
Great video is not about the equipment, but about how we use the equipment. This informative video offers insights and inspiration to create stunning, professional-looking video with your smartphone and mostly with native apps.

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