Your September Marketing Tips

What is push and pull marketing?

I’ll use our team’s Friday dance lessons to illustrate.

One of our favorites is the Latin Salsa. It’s a simple 3-step dance that focuses on a push and pull movement. “You step forward as if to say I want you,” our instructor explains, “and then you step backward to say I don’t want you.” The dance of chasing and being chased is exciting. Think of your last chase!

Push marketing examples are sales on specific products and treatments. You need these for quick ROI. Pull marketing utilizes methods that endear your prospects and patients to you over the long term. For example, sharing patient success stories helps prospects to think “that can be me”. Pull marketing creates loyal, repeat patients and therefore long-term ROI, a stronger brand and more word of mouth.

Tactics that illustrate pull marketing:

  • Sending thank you notes by mail
  • Growing your email database
  • Nurturing your relationships in the office and with vendors
  • Sending an email to your database that tells a personal story about yourself or someone in your practice
  • Uploading photos to your website’s Before and After gallery

“If you want to get chased, you have to stop chasing.” – Bolde

Think about it.


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