Your March 2020 Marketing Tips Calendar

This month’s focus is “Help Your Vendors Help You.”


  • TIP 1: A strong relationship works both ways. Take time to get to know your marketing vendor, spend time talking with them, planning together and building mutual trust and loyalty. Make sure they know your vision. Keep them up-to-date on your practice happenings. When they need text approved, photos or support materials – provide them in a timely fashion. This helps keep your project on time and on budget. And many times your vendor will be eager to go above and beyond.
  • TIP 2: When they provide quality timely service; give them referrals. Of course, outside your geographic location. This helps them grow their business, expand their expertise and become even more loyal to you.
  • TIP 3: Don’t “jump ship” too quickly. Mistakes happen but it won’t help to point fingers. Let your voice be heard, give them time to resolve the problem and then if they don’t meet your needs, by all means, check out another vendor. If you don’t take this approach, what makes you think a new vendor will be any better?

We have two downloads for you this month; one is for the March Marketing Tips Calendar and the other is our 2020 Yearly Marketing Planner. If you haven’t completed January and February’s marketing worksheets, they are on our blog. Take a look back to see which ones may have valuable things for you to do. If you need any help along the journey, call me. We enjoy hearing from you and helping.

Candace & Team

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Marketing Tips Calendar and our 2020 Yearly Marketing Planner.



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