Your Practice Through the Eyes of a Patient

Why should patients choose you when there are so many options available today? Patients will choose you if they feel confident that you will get them the results they are looking for. There are three basic steps a consult goes through when making a decision about having plastic surgery.

1. TRUST is built mostly by the by you the surgeon, your education, years of experience, your involvement with the community, and your professional affiliations. How does the practice staff make me feel about myself? Is there good rapport? Do I feel listened to and understood? Do I believe you can help me achieve my appearance goals?

2. EVIDENCE is largely built by your before and after photos, what others say about you, and do you come recommended by their friends. Has you helped others achieve their appearance goals?

3. PATIENT EDUCATION is the single most effective means of booking more surgeries. Do I know enough about the procedures to make an informed decision? How will it affect my work, my home life, and can I afford it?

Marketing that translates to more patients is really all about attracting and creating good trusting relationships.

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