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Key features:

Before and after gallery with tap to enlarge
Educational procedure videos
Sketch on patient’s own image or images from the anatomy library
Procedure and treatment descriptions and more

REVENEZ® (REV-eh-Nay, to return) Is a Modern Day Consultation Aid

REVENEZ is a consultation app for tablets or touch screen computers that puts what you need for an engaging and effective consultation experience at your finger tips. Zoom into before and afters with a tap. Present educational videos with a touch. Sketch on anatomical drawings or on the patient’s photo–all from the same tool, all at your finger tip.

Use the features to create a repeatable consultation experience that you or your staff can fine tune to peak deficiency. Or you can also let patients explore REVENEZ on their own whenever they might wait or during the downtime of non-surgical treatments like CoolSculpting.

REVENEZ 1 works on desktops, laptops and tablets, integrates into Facebook and consultation aids, and goes mobile on your smartphone.

Follow the instructions below to view Dr. Nassif’s REVENEZ 1:

• On your iPad, go to Safari and type in and touch “Go”.
• To add it to your HOME screen (wait until it’s fully loaded), tap the “Send to” button (that’s located next to the navigation bar – a rectangle with an arrow pointing out of it). Then tap the “Add to Home Screen” button, located on the second row of options
• Go to your HOME screen, touch the icon with NASSIF MD under it. You will then be in Dr. Nassif’s REVENEZ 1 app.

The evolution of REVENEZ – modern practice marketing.

At a plastic surgery practice in Winter Park, Florida, the lights dimmed in the consultation room, the patient coordinator pressed play and for twenty minutes a man in a white lab coat talked “down” to the  breast augmentation consult. This was patient education in 1999. The consult stared vacantly as the video wore on, and in the back of the room Candace Crowe took notes.

“I was sitting there thinking, ‘Wow, this is not how you talk to a lady interested in breast augmentation,” remembered Candace who was on assignment, researching techniques to market a plastic surgery practice when marketing was considered taboo. “We started by asking how can we best maintain a practice’s professional reputation and get its name out there. When I watched that video, I realized patient education was the key to this industry.”

Candace dove into research only to find there was very little to be found in the public domain.

“There were only 12 books on plastic surgery at the library; I read them all, wrote the script for 22 procedure videos, had it reviewed by the plastic surgeon, then recorded and programmed it for the touch screen,” said Candace. “I did not want the patient to be idle. I wanted them involved, and the touch screen interaction was one more degree of involvement. This was the beginning of REVENEZ.”

Pronounced REV-eh-NEY, the French word means ‘to return,’ Candace thought it was the perfect expression of intent for her new marketing products: through education, patients returning to a practice again and again.

REVENEZ was implemented into Dr. J. Barry Boyd’s practice as a touch screen computer station and created a 32% increase in his patient conversion rate.

REVENEZ continues to evolve

Today REVENEZ can be shared with patients on tablets and smart TVs. It includes a robust library of over 50 peer-reviewed medical videos, on-screen drawing functionality and gives the user the ability to markup images, a kick-ass before and after gallery and more. And, it’s priced affordably.