Appearance Counts for Your Practice, Too

Be purposeful about the image you project.

Plastic surgeons know, perhaps better than anyone, that image matters. People care about their own looks, and they care about the appearance of what they buy. Appearance counts not only to your patients but for your practice as well. (Just ask companies like Apple or Nike).

Change is difficult to many people. Making the jump to a new doctor or the decision to have a plastic surgery procedure can be stressful. One way to help prospective patients to feel more confident is by projecting a purposeful image, also known as a brand. A brand helps consumers to know exactly what they’ll get for the time and money they spend. Take Starbucks coffee for example. When you purchase a cup of coffee from Starbucks, do you know precisely what you can expect? Of course you do, because the Starbucks brand cares about their appearance – they add personalization, great graphics, and a well thought out experience to every cup of coffee. You see, a good brand adds trust, an emotional connection, and increases confidence in knowing what you’ll get.

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