BRAG book Turns 10 Years Old

Happy Birthday BRAG book!

Hello there! For any of you fabulous readers who are unfamiliar with our work, we are Candace Crowe Design: A family-owned marketing and Saas company located in Orlando, FL, and we’re proud to be celebrating 10 years of BRAG book – an aesthetic industry software service that has been changing the game for plastic surgeons everywhere. 

Candace Crowe Design, or as we like to say “CCD”, has had the pleasure of working with over 500 clients across the U.S. and Canada. We began working with plastic surgery practices in 1999 (24 years ago – yowza!) 

It all started with a mouse – a computer mouse that is. (We know, we know, that’s Disney but it’s fitting!) Back in 2002, CCD released Revenez®, the first touch screen consultation aid in the aesthetic industry. Since then, we have grown an international reputation for our deep knowledge of the aesthetic industry, innovation, and service!

Now that you know a bit more about us and how we got started, here’s how BRAG book came to be and why CCD is so proud.

The History of BRAG book

In 2013, we saw that plastic surgeons needed a better way to share their before and after photos with patients. At the time, doctors and patient coordinators were thumbing through 3-ring binders filled with printed pictures, and dog-eared pages looking for the right result to show their consults. This was both inefficient, and antiquated.

And voila! The idea for the BRAG book Before and After Gallery was born. A software dedicated to giving customers the simplest and highest quality web and tablet based before and after gallery that provides automatic SEO and engagement and leads with MyFavorites, giving your results the presentation they deserve. 

CCD was the first in the aesthetic industry to develop this type of plug-in for WordPress websites  and include a tablet app for in-person consultations. Because we believe that one of the most valuable assets a plastic surgeon can have is their before and after gallery!

BRAG book is time-tested and continually upgraded with new functionality each and every year. Many of its features are a result of requests from our users! The guidelines that govern our development include: 

  • Present photos in the best light possible
  • Make uploads fast and easy
  • Auto SEO
  • Integrating with EMR systems
  • Modest pricing

Candace Crowe Design is committed to making it easy for plastic surgeons to upload their own before and after photos to their website. This is why BRAG book has been and will continue to be refined and enhanced as time goes on, respected and appreciated by physicians and patients alike.

To celebrate 10 years of BRAG book, here are ten advancements that we’ve made over the last ten years…

  • MyFavorites Engagement Tool
  • Automatic Watermarking
  • Crop, censor and overlay tools
  • Drag and drop organization                                                                                 
  • Quick and easy uploads for separate or combined images
  • Carousel shortcodes to put before and afters where you want them f
  • Social media template creator
  • Upload photo sets to multiple categories
  • Super charged SEO: Xml sitemaps and improved rich snippet data
  • Integration with 4D EMR

So, happy birthday BRAG book! We’re so excited to see the possibilities that the next 10 years bring.

With love,

Candace & Team

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