Marketing Series Webinar #1

This is the first of our 3-part marketing series. Learn about the latest strategy in using your before and after photos to maximize your search optimization and get leads.

In the webinar below we will go over the topic of “How to leverage your before and after photos using 4D EMR & BRAG book.”

In the world of aesthetic business, knowing how to maximize the value of before and after photos directly affects your bottomline, patient expectations and reduces your stress level.

Three CORE strategies you will learn in this webinar:

  1. before and after photo best practices (for taking photo and using them in your marketing)
  2. search optimization, tagging, and posting using BRAG book and
  3.  utilize the direct from 4D EMR to BRAG book feature

You will be hearing from Candace Crowe and TK Crowe from Candace Crowe Design as well as Sean Mahoney and Kristi Sommer from 4D – EMR.

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