The Inside Scoop on Rx Photo and BRAG book Before & After Gallery

Do you use RxPhoto to take your before and after photos? If so and you’re not a BRAG book client, here’s all the more reason to book a demo now!

“I just slide the photos over, they upload, and BOOM! You’re done. The whole thing takes 3-5 minutes and it’s not hard to do.” ~ Evan Sorokin, MD, BRAG book client since 2013

Sending images from RxPhoto to BRAG books’ website gallery is FAST, EASY and presents your photos with QUALITY.

Here’s how:

  • Login to your RxPhoto account
  • Pick your photos (pre-op, post-op, or whatever else you’d like to display)
  • Download the photos to your desktop. You can personally edit them or you can simply drag and drop your photos into BRAG book and utilize our software for your general photo editing needs. It’s important to make sure you crop your patient’s photos before submitting them. You want the photos to have a sense of togetherness while also not exposing your patients’ identities. BRAG book helps you do just that!
  • Once you’ve added a new set of photos, select the relevant procedure title and you’re pretty much done!

If you’re not a super tech savvy person, that’s okay! Utilize BRAG book’s automatic SEO mark-up, enter some text about the case and publish.

BRAG book is an easy 30-minute install for your WordPress website, and you won’t have to rebuild your entire gallery if you decide to leave your current practice or start your own.

You’ve been smart enough to take quality photos with RxPhoto, now take it to the next level and command your own website gallery in just a few clicks with BRAG book and see the impact that BRAG book can make on your practice.

Let your Before and Afters Gallery do the bragging for you with BRAG book!

By Jenna
Copywriter & Content Creator
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