Building a brand one step at a time. Part THREE

This last part of my three part series titled “Essential Marketing Tips: building a brand one step at a time.” It’s taken from a talk I’ll be giving in Las Vegas at the Facial Cosmetic Meeting next week.

This last section covers: “New trends in marketing”.

I understand that 15 years ago the medical industry did not even need to think about marketing. But times have changed and today’s marketplace requires more frequent and more genuine reaching out to patients then ever before. Understanding your patient is critical. So, with every interaction ask your patients, what do you need today?

I ask you to do this little exercise. Evaluate every piece of marketing material that a patients sees of yours and ask yourself the question, what do my patients need to see and what do I need to tell them. Too many times the quality of a surgeon’s marketing materials doesn’t match their surgical ability. This disconnect is then carried over to what their patients think about the surgeon and the quality of work they do.

You dress for success, you hire an interior designer to make your facilities look warm, inviting, and comfortable, you purchase the finest quality of instruments, and go to the premier industry conferences to learn and better your skill – so why shouldn’t your marketing materials demand the same time and attention?

It’s true, you only have one chance to make a good first impression. Often times your marketing is the front door for a patient. With competition for patients at an all time high, you can’t afford to loose a potential patient with a poor first impression.

There is no better time than now to work on your brand and marketing strategy to be sure that it represents the quality of service you offer. Listen to your patients, pay close attention to what they want and deliver the best outcome you possibly can every time.

I hope this three part series on “How to build a brand one step at a time.” has inspired you to take a serious look at how your practice looks through the eyes of a patient. I truly believe, that in marketing as in life, the cream rises to the top. Get up and be the best you can be every day and especially LISTEN to your patients, they will tell you how to be great.

Candace Crowe, President

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