Building a brand one step at a time. Part TWO

This is the second in a three part series titled “Essential Marketing Tips: building a brand one step at a time.” It’s taken from a talk I’ll be giving in Las Vegas at the Facial Cosmetic Meeting next week.

This second part covers: “How does marketing play a role in branding?”

How does marketing play a role in branding? It’s kind of hard to explain the difference between branding and marketing but this exercise should help. How many of you have a website? How many have a brochure for the patient to take home? How many of you have business cards? Every time you give your business card out — you are marketing! You see, marketing is proactive. It’s getting the word out there about you.

Let’s look at the return on investment of a brand we created for a doctor in Southern California, Dr. Lussier of Town Center Plastic Surgery. To get started with accurate data, we worked in conjunction with his representative from Mentor Solutions.

She provided us with Dr. Lussier’s three largest target audiences: 32 year old moms that wanted to get their figures back, 20 something breast augmentation patients, and 55 and up facial rejuvenation patients.

Then we did an audit of what collateral materials and marketing efforts Town Center Plastic Surgery had in place. We scheduled a creative brief by phone and ask a series of questions that helped us get to know them better… what kind of image do you want to convey to your patients, the colors, and fonts, and identified any USP (unique selling points) the doctor, staff and practice offered. Then, with this information we created brand that connected Dr. Lussier and the practice to their target audience.  You can go to the portfolio section of our website to see samples!

When you see a good brand there is an automatic trigger in your brain that correlates good design to quality.  Now, his brand speaks quality from the first moment a patient sees it. And his marketing materials work together to tell a story about helping patients with their beauty goals.

The result of this joint effort with Mentor Solutions, Candace Crowe Design, and Dr. Lussier was to have a 6% increase in number inquiries, 37% increase in surgical cases, and an amazing 37% increase on cosmetic revenue in 2008.

Thank you for visiting our blog. I hope to hear from you soon!

Candace Crowe, President

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